Day 18: Moksha Yoga, “Where did that go?”

Well finishing off day 18 of 30 straight days of hot yoga at Moksha Yoga Los Angeles, and laying on my mat with my eyes closed I was reminded of the day I went sky diving. As the plane climbed higher and higher in the air, my fear did too.  I was strapped to the instructor and so I was going to jump.  So much fear and thoughts racing in my head, and I sat at the edge of the plane looking out,  2 miles up in the air, feet dangling,  head racing. the instructor said, “Okay David We have to jump now, let’s do it.” I went, into the abyss, facing the fear head on, and the mind stopped, and we glided across the sky. It was awe-inspiring.  No words can describe the feeling of jumping. The same holds true for yoga. Yes the mind may be racing in a pose, yes the mind may be trying to get your attention, but all you can do is breath into it, be with it, and allow the fear thoughts to go. I learned and I am still learning that these thoughts are just defending us, and protecting us, from what? Who cares? It just becomes endless stories on stories.

Today my practice felt like jumping out of the plane. Was my mind raising? Not to much, but my breath and heart wanted to move past what they new, they wanted to go deeper and express. The heart was ready to be the leader and the breath was ready to use her grace.  Karma means “come back”. So how we treat ourselves and others comes back to us.  Every thing on the mat comes back to you, and yet in stillness and quiet within, there is no karma. Crazy but true.  Yoga is an invitation to meet your life on your mat, and no one can push you, tell you where you should be, it is entirely up to you, to make the commitment to follow the breath, the heart, and jump.

I have learned many valuable lessons in practicing Moksha. One is the breath is so important, two, that falling is okay and when I say fall just fall over, and three, the breath will help you find alignment and alignment is very important.  Take time. Enjoy the class. Enjoy the poses. Meet the pose right where I am today.  Be willing to be willing.  Listen. The breath is your friend.  Yoga is your friend. The pose is your friend.  The mat is the space of safety, security, and comfort, you will not be harmed, or hurt. So in the safety of your mat, relax onto it and experience you fully.  Your body is your temple, respect it.  Life is happening now.  When I truly honor myself on the mat, then I can fully honor you,  Namaste!!  On to day 19….

   David Matthew Brown

  • justinwhitaker

    Exellent post, David. I never connected my yoga practice with sky-diving (which I did a bit over 10 years ago), but I can see the connection now. One tiny quibble: karma means “action, doing, a deed, etc.” I’m not sure where “come back” originated, and it’s not too great a stretch when we consider that our actions often “come back” to us later in life.

    • David Matthew Brown

      Thank you Justin! Keep shining!