Day 7: Moksha, “BEEP!”

Day 7 of my 30 straight days of hot yoga at Moksha Los Angeles and today before class I met the teacher Emily who suggested water, she handed me a bottle and talked to me about the importance of drinking water in the practice and the effects of dehydration.  Thank goodness. Angels appear in all shapes and sizes and at the right times.  What a blessing!  I walked into class laid my mat down and closed my eyes for about ten minutes.  By the time class actually started I was a geyser of sweat, so thank goodness for the recommendation.

Today we focused on allowing the breath to fill the space in our bodies, directing the breath, and feeling it fill us up.  I decided to add a challenge to my practice and really become a Jedi, yes a star wars reference.  Some of the practice I closed my eyes, and found something very interesting, I seem to trust my eyes, ears, and touch more than my breath. Once I closed my eyes, I was wobbling, a little off, and had to sense alignment.  Normally I can see it, or am guided to see it, go to it, but with my eyes closed, well everything changed. First, any story I was telling myself went out the window, because when you close yours eyes you have no time to trust the mind, it is useless, and you realize how much of your mind relies on the senses for its information.  So now my eyes are closed and it feels like there is no body, with this vast undiscovered place, I felt like a tight rope walker.  So I began to give way to the space Emily was talking about and sense the greatness of the inner world.  Wow! How much do I rely on my sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell to give me information that is only partially true.

So what is behind this mask I am wearing, behind my identities, well like super heroes, or a Jedi master, I discovered that the inner world is vast and all my trust is there. But I have been conditioned to trust the senses (mind), and yet when I trust that it fails to hit the mark.  An image came to me in my practice, many people suggest that “sin” is missing the mark. What is the mark we are missing? If the mark is happiness, or love, or bliss, or light then our thoughts are the arrows.  The invisible is the bow. So in the invisible I have a choice to let go of the thoughts (Arrows), and when I let them go, they can be fearful thoughts, which I believe we all know or as we dive into the inner world, we discover that they can be love. Love always hits its mark.  But love is a inner experience coming out, the mind is a outer experience coming in. Do see?  Once I left the mind, and began to dwell in the inner, then I could bow and use my bow to shoot from the heart.  Thus I could hit the mark correctly. So how can I change my shot, if my shot is off, missing the mark; I go to the divine  with a sincere heart and I ask for help, forgiveness, or guidance.  With sincerity comes the answer.Only in sincerity can we actually receive what we are asking.

My teacher Emily today, seems to have a sincere way of teaching, and guiding us into our breath and inner world.  I came up with this called “BEEP” or Be Energy Expressing Poses- I will work on it…onward to day 8….


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