Day 22: Petty Mind, Graceful Breath

How wonderful is this life? Really good.  Those of you just joining me for the first time, I am approaching day 22 of 30 straight days of hot yoga at Moksha Yoga Los Angeles.  I wrote this blog with the intention of diving deeply into my heart and discovering the strength in vulnerability. Through out the last 22 days I have been sharing my insights, struggles, and inspirations on my mat, and how yoga on my mat and off is the same.

In the process, I have surrender the old life, and discovered the experience of her, the divine breath-heart which I call Grace.  She is the leader and power of my practice. When I started,  I have to admit I was a little reluctant to trust her, I had trusted the pettiness of the mind for so long.  But I have discovered her, the breath, sensual, alive, and strong, her wisdom is amazing. She understands me, and quiets my pettiness, the parts that are scared, running, or escaping from the mat, she simple says, “Shhhh” as she quiets the child. Grace sounds like the tide in Santa Monica.  She has taught me, to surrender to her, to stay grounded in her, and to respect her. She teaches me inside with intuition and guides me with ease into the next pose, not wanting me to look back, but fully trust her, trusting that I have fully honored “now” in the pose, that I have given my best, now move forward.

Today our teacher Joe, brought forth many instructions on trusting the breath, living in the breath, and going to the breath. It seems simple, but until you are on the mat practicing, you might not see how quickly the “pettiness comes in”.  The pettiness is concerned with everything that is not actually happening now. The pettiness on the mat is like, ‘Hey after class I have to go to, or last night I can’t believe, or look at their pose how amazing, or oh crap I can’t do this.” Then I remember her, Grace comes in, “Shhh listen child, just listen to the breath.” And you know what? The pettiness goes away. The attention goes back inside and all is well.  She is good.

Now off my mat I am connecting with the breath more, listening to her, and trusting her. I am honored by her and you. Namaste!! Day 23…..

  David Matthew Brown- Heart-Spirational Speaker and Heart Trainer


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