Day 23: Moksha, Giving Birth On The Mat

7 days away from my intention of 30 straight days of hot yoga at Moksha Yoga LA. I walked into day 23 with a new found sense of trust.  As I wrote yesterday in the blog post about Grace (heart breath).  Today’s class was led by Rob, his voice soothing and strong, as he led us into the practice called Yang/Yin.  As I laid on my mat before practice I rested in the breath. Knowing that the practice would be vigorous with Yang and would slow down in the Yin part.  So I set the intention to go with the flow.  As Rob entered the class he reminded us of the practice today, it would be strong, and then would end in the last half with holding poses longer.

As we started the practice I felt very strong in the poses, alive, and expressive.  As we continued I noticed the mind wanting to get involved, but the breath would come in and relax me back into the pose. I notice that the mind wants to creep in when my  body feels lots of sensations, or tired, or holding the pose for long periods of time.  Recognizing those places in my practice, I can adjust by allowing the breath to flood those areas.  I have been drinking water couple of hours before my practice and that is making a huge difference both in my strength, my recovery, and peace of mind.  Our teacher Rob really focused early on with the flow, and posture.   Moving with the breath.   Letting the breath guide us deeper on the mat.

As we entered the Yin practice of class, we held some poses in the hamstrings for long periods of time.  I am noticing how much better I am in holding the poses for longer periods of time, my growing edge is actually in flowing in flow with the breath that seems to be a growing opportunity for my practice.  Thank goodness it is just that, a practice, no need to worry about mastership, just show up on the mat, give your best, and breath, oh yeah and sweat lots :)

I recognize that on my mat as I practice and blossom; that each pose is a like a mini birth, as I feel into and with the sensations of the body, I begin to birth a new me. A me that can handle things, breath with them, breath into them, and relish peace of mind, rather than allowing the pettiness of the mind or others to disturb this inner peace.  The peace is the strength and when nothing can disturb it, then life has a new vantage point to express from.   On to day 24….

   Day 23 picture. I came out of the studio and walked two buildings and came across free yogurt, as Yogurtland was celebrating its 5th anniversary!

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