Day 24: Moksha Yoga, Transitions

Day 24: Moksha Yoga, Transitions August 3, 2013

I arrived at the studio for day 24 and slipped into an earlier class. Trusting everything happens on time and in time.  This is day 24 of 30 straight days of hot yoga at Moksha.  As I entered class I laid down on my mat and closed my eyes. Relaxing my mind on the mat, and settling in on my intention. I ended up sticking with my intention of going with the flow.

Emily our teacher entered the class wanting us to practice moving through transitions. So most of our transitions where slow and focused on moving from one pose to another.  Feeling the breath in the body, feeling the movement in the pose as we made our transitions.  I have had the opportunity to deal with many different transitions, but as I rested in the movement of the transition of the pose, I recognized how sometimes I want to move through it and not want to be with it.  But moving with it and allowing it to be as it, was quite powerful.  It allowed my breath to experience fullness, aliveness, and fluidity.  When I pushed through the transitions I felt the breath speeding up or stopping, as if the breath was trying to put on the brakes, and say, “David we  need to move through this.”

Emily led us through the flow with the same intention, feeling the transitions, slowing it down, feeling the muscles work in each pose, and feeling how strong we are in the slowness.  It was enjoyable to experience a new way of flowing in the practice, not pushing. Day 24 of 30 was wonderful to collect myself, slow it down, refine, redefine, and engage fully, and slowly.

It is always a pleasure to be in a big class with people, it feels good to go through things with others. Knowing we are going through the poses together, and yet we are supporting each other.  How wonderful.  On to day 25….

  David Matthew Brown


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