Day 25: Moksha, Yoga Is Divine

Well my day started in the valley giving a talk on faith, seeing fear as inverted faith, and then going to stand in it. Day 25 of 30 straight days of hot yoga at Moksha Los Angeles continued with another YIN practice. Yin practice is a practice designed for longer holds, deeper, and it helps you get into the tissue.  When I arrived at the studio I placed my mat on the floor and laid down and I might have fallen asleep, because I awoke to my teachers voice.  Today’s practice really focused on  slowing it down, resting deeply in the breath, and taking our time. I noticed my jaw a lot, tension there.  So I was gentle in the class today with myself.

A lot of my gentleness was because of my growth in the practice and I had just talked at Unity Burbank. What is different is that normally when I talk I continue to give and give and give after a talk and by the end of the day I am exhausted. Today I gave and then laid back on my mat and received. It felt good to feel the giving and receiving.  The harmony of life. Sophie our teacher was wonderful and playful as she experienced the practice with us. We held some poses for up to 5 minutes and you could feel the stretching and breathing working together. I love discovering the community inside of me. The community of my body, mind, and spirit working together, helping each other. Not a battle.

I love the fact that in the morning I was called to be extraordinary and talk, then this afternoon in my practice I was called to be ordinary. The balance of the day has been wonderful and refreshing.  The message in my talk and in this practice is the same, when fear comes it is a reminder to breath into it, and as you breath, and as you relax into the fear, you develop a new muscle, faith.  Faith for me is standing in peace of mind, undisturbed by the mind, body sensations. Peace of mind is my recognition of my connection to the divine.  The moment I leave peace of mind, I am separate, lost, confused, because I left my connection. I become a scared child. Like any child would if they lost their parents. So yoga offers me a new way to connect to the divine.  By practicing being here now.

If this blog is helping you, or your friends, and you would like me to continue doing this yoga practice, then let me know, please leave a comment or email me:

  David Matthew Brown- Ordinary


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