Day 26: Moksha Yoga, “Oh Well”

Day 26: Moksha Yoga, “Oh Well” August 5, 2013

I walked into day 26 of 30 straight days of hot yoga at Moksha, feeling a little off center.  I entered the classroom and put my mat down, closed my eyes, and set the intention to just breath consciously in each pose. Simple? Well maybe not so much tonight. Actually my intention would of been well served by smiling, and laughing more. Because that is what happened.

Our teacher Sophie offered us a Moksha practice that allowed us freedom to fall, be gentle, but not a practice to get angry with ourselves. Sophie explained anger tenses the body and we are here to let that go. My daughter is five and half now, when she was three, she use to drop lots of drinks and food on the floor. This happened quite a bit.

My daughter is my teacher and teaches me quite a bit about the presence of love as father.  So one day she dropped some juice, and I said, “Oh well.” It just came out. Then my daughter said, “Oh well Dad.” And then I said, “Every time we spill, we will say “Oh Well”, then clean it up, sound good?” She agreed.

I bring this lesson I learned from my daughter up, because tonight’s practice was wobbly, and as I was in it, I heard, “Oh well.” I smiled. What can you do but do your best now, right? The rest takes care of itself.

Yoga practice has taught me to smile more, breath, and if you fall, get right up and do it again. Life is a practice. A practice in letting go of all the conditions that keep each of us from the unconditional.

So we practice everyday. We have moments where we judge, gossip, criticize, condemn, or get in someone’s business, when we shouldn’t be there. We recognize it, forgive it, and move on. Simple.  Life is happening.  Sometimes things work, sometimes they don’t.  Or we say, “Oh well I goofed up, it happens.”  Life is a practice of loving ourselves, and loving and honoring ourselves in the other as well. I honor you for reading this.

On to day 27…namaste

  David Matthew Brown, Single Dad, learner, etc…


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