Day 27: Moksha Yoga, The Diamond Discovery

Day 27: Moksha Yoga, The Diamond Discovery August 6, 2013

So I am inching closer, one breath at a time, as I approach day 27 of 30 straight days of hot yoga at Moksha. Today as I laid on my mat, with my eyes closed, and I had an image of a diamond. It was shiny and strong and beautiful. In the diamond was me, and as I looked at it closer, I saw all of us shining. In yoga practice we are offered the opportunity to connect to our inner diamond. Some of us have been away from it for so long, that we feel time has passed.

It has not. The beauty of the inner diamond is that it is always awaiting us to acknowledge it, trust it, and then shine it out.

Today’s practice guided by Melanie was a chance to shine and acknowledge our inner diamond, and marvel at the magnificent life we are. She reminded us how one bead of sweat forms on our body and all the millions of cells working for that to happen. Our bodies are green sustainable energy. How wonderful to come inside and acknowledge our beauty inward. I love gratitude and the real feeling of it. Not gratitude to get more stuff, but gratitude for all that is here now.  It makes my heart smile.

Each of us has gone through crap. Unhealthy people, unhealthy relationships, jobs, criticism, health, money, and we have been on both ends of the spectrum. But sooner or later, we must acknowledge that none of it is who we are, did it happen, yes, but through it all the diamond was shining.  Everything, everybody, and every situation was and is working for us, getting us close to the diamonds we are inside. Inviting us in gently.  So lets celebrate us, be kind to us, and “us” means you and I connected to one another.

Forgiveness takes great strength sometimes, because the hurts pile up, and some people seem to love sending hurts to others.  Here is the kicker, when you don’t forgive and let go, both of you play tug of war with each other. Proving, being right, and making the other wrong, but there is no winners; sometimes jobs, relationships, run their course, and we are called to move upward and let go.  So when we forgive, we let go of our end of the rope, and walk away.  So we can create a new story, a new path, and get closer tot he diamond.  I open to receive new possibilities, work, travel, speaking jobs, relationship, that is for the good of all and doesn’t hurt anyone.

On to day 28…

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