Day 36 of 90: Moksha Yoga, Gravity and Breath

I walked into day 36 of 90 straight days of hot yoga at Moksha Yoga LA with an intention to extend.  I laid on my mat and closed my eyes and focused on my breath. As I laid there resting in my breath, I became aware of my legs extending, my arms extending at my side, and the breath extending.  I felt gravity pulling me down on my mat, and the space of the room around me.

Dalton our teacher entered and we focused on the breath, and allowing the breath to bring us deeper into the poses.  How wonderful, that when you rest in the breath, it takes you into each pose gently.  What really has helped me out was last week when our teacher Joe mentioned gravity, letting gravity pull you down. So today when I was in my poses I focused on  gravity pulling me down and then allowing the breath to take over.  What was interesting was how much resisting I was doing in the poses, but once I allowed gravity to work and my breath to work in each pose, it took me in deeper, along with the guidance of Dalton and his instruction.  He mentioned to us in the class, “I know this burns your legs holding it for a couple of breaths.” And it was burning but by staying focused on the earth pulling me down and my breath, it helped me stay deeper and allowed me to extend with stronger purpose.  Also I noticed that I was able to begin to feel the rotation of the body in different poses as well.  Going with the pose, with the flow, sounds easy, but its not.  But today I found the flow and began flowing into the poses. Having a foundation really makes a huge difference and these past 36 days have been helping me build a healthy foundation. My foundation is built with gentleness, compassion, and giggles.  I am not taking myself so serious and that is making a whole lot of difference.

I hope this journey is helping you as well and I thank you for your continued support.  As I move into day 37 I am reminded that life is happening now, the rest is all speculation.  So enjoy yourself here and be open to the possibilities life presents.  I remember speaking at Unity Burbank one time, and as my daughter and I left in the car, she said, “Dad I know what you do?” I said, “What?” she smiled and said, “My Dad loves people”.  That can be difficult sometimes when we are moving through things off our mat, and on. I have moved through many situations and what I am learning is, no matter what, to know, “I am okay now.”  On to day 37…Namaste

  David Matthew Brown, “Mokshie”


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