Day 49 of 90: Moksha Yoga, You Have The Power

Day 49 of 90: Moksha Yoga, You Have The Power August 28, 2013

Day 49 of 90 days straight of hot yoga at Moksha Yoga LA and I was up early. I entered practice today with teacher Joe and felt tired.  Today’s class was at 6 am but my day is busy.  So I laid down on my mat, and closed my eyes and just relaxed into the warmth of the room.  As we started practice I noticed some nice things starting to blossom in my practice. I am focused, gentle with myself, and kind.  My practice is starting to align in certain poses, while in other poses it is find its way.  I am good with that.  The breath is a wonderful tool off my mat as well. As things come up, I am able to breath and relax into clarity.

These past 49 days have allowed be to grow in other areas as well. I am on day two of a juice cleanse I thought I would try at Clover Juice.  Last night was a little difficult, my head was pounding from no caffeine.  But that is normal. This morning I feel great. Craving the juice and water. I will have to say that this fast is very well put together, I have had no cravings and I am drinking a juice about every 2 hours. And I love if I have any questions, I can always ask.  My body feels great from yoga and juicing.

I am also blossoming as a parent.  My daughter and I are having blast.  I have been teaching her how to listen to her feelings and trust those. I can do that now, because I am doing it myself.  Each of our lives are important, and it is important that we feel our feelings, be in our bodies, and experience life now.  I know this sounds simple, but sometimes it is very difficult to stand here and express what you are feeling to someone.  Life never stops, life doesn’t hold on, it keeps moving, and  as we empty our minds of the past, and dwell in the present, we begin to see that we really do have a choice now, to be happy or not.  Happiness doesn’t depend on something, or someone to be itself. It is a choice.  We can choose to be negative, but really being negative is an easy choice, a lazy choice, and anyone can do that. What is difficult is accepting and choosing to be positive. Forgiveness, love, grace, humility, and compassion take practice. They take inner strength.  They are difficult. That is why so many people choose the negative path. Life is a practice, practicing to love.

If you noticed as I wrote, I stated, “How are you being?” Everything you are being right now is a choice. Whether you know it or not. Be happy, be sad, be whatever, but it all starts here, with you. No one can make you do, feel anything. NO ONE. You have the power to choose.

  David Matthew Brown: Heart Speaker, Writer, Blogger, Dad, and Student.



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