Day 61 of 90: Moksha Yoga, Transitions

Day 61 of 90 straight days of hot yoga at Moksha Yoga LA and as I entered Moksha, I heard they are changing the name in the states to MODO. So soon you will read MODO YOGA not Moksha YOGA.  Today as I entered practice, I entered with a month to go till I reach 90.  I am very grateful and appreciative of the support on FB, Twitter, Moksha, and messages on my email.  I received this wonderful message from Sid on Saturday, “I’m loving your blog. It’s like a daily vitamin for the soul.”  In this world of technology, sometimes we have no idea who is reading or seeing our work.  So feedback is always wonderful to receive. Rather than just stats or numbers of readers.

Today our teacher Joe focused on the breath as we moved through the Moksha practice.  Our whole focus was breath, which may seem easy but in a 60 minute practice, with no music to distract you, well there can be places of challenge.  What I noticed when the practice was done today may surprise you, maybe not, the breath continues to breath and the only thing that seems to change beside the physical pose is the melodrama in the mind. So it is quite funny to notice when my breathe stops because it is the melodrama in the mind getting in the way of the movement.  But in actuality the only thing moving is the body from pose to pose.  And the body is present, the breath is present, and the mind is looking to just be comfortable and okay all the time.

So that was the realization I had in the practice today was the recognition of the breath breathing for 60 minutes, the body moving, and the mind in melodrama mode.  It feels good to feel the breath moving in the body.  As you feel the breath in your body now, just become aware of it. Nothing to change, nothing to fix, nothing to read, no lecture to put on, just your breath in your temple, breathing you. And some day this breath will leave your temple, so appreciate the breath, it is giving you life today. It is sustaining you.

I was also aware of the breath within myself and the room, breathing each of us, giving the class room life, and connecting us to our beingness as beings.  I feel like we should change the word being, to “Breathing”. It would change a lot of drama within and without.  Just picture it now, “I am a human breathing or a Spiritual Breathing”. It changes the focus of how we see ourselves in others and others in us.  On to day 62….Namaste

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