Freckles and Waking Up

I was baking yesterday with my daughter. We made banana muffins with walnuts. The day was cold, and my place was filled with the smells of coffee and muffins.  As we were mixing, my daughter inquired into why I have so many freckles, I said, “Well I asked that same question of my grandma one day, and she told me my freckles would merge into a nice tan, but as you can see they did not, so I believe I have a lot of freckles because angels are busy kissing your dad. I believe that each freckle is a kiss from an angel.  Don’t you Harps?” Response, “Dad your silly.”  Then she went to go color.

I put the muffins in the oven and sat with my response to my daughter, and felt people must feel the same way about waking up. They hear many people talking about it, in fact we talk about here, but I imagine to most of the people on this planet, waking up is silly. Far fetched, because if it wasn’t far fetched then everyone would be going within.  We have thousands of accounts of people writing books, speaking, about their experience in waking up. We buy the books, go to the workshops, and listen to the talks, then go right back to our comfort zone.  To most people, going within is just another thing to do.

Waking up isn’t so much about some big pivotal moment where some light burst out of your heart and you float away with no more problems, waking up is acting knowledge of now, which we call acknowledgement.  What are we acknowledging? Well first that our thoughts are just that, thoughts.  That we have always been here, that God has never left you, and you have never left God.  That the thoughts are mostly half truths, till you come upon a truth. A truth has no opposite. For example, I used to believe that fear was the opposite of love, but love has no opposite, because fear is bringing you back to love.  Fear looks scary, only to get your attention, “Look at me, look at me.” Then you stop and witness the fear. Then as you witness it, you acknowledge it, and it loses its strength.

Here is a good example, one where my Dad may get a little grin. If you are on the street, and lets say a man wearing dark clothes is approaching you, and then he stands a couple feet from you, so you turn around and make eye contact, and say, “Excuse me do I know you, aren’t you my uncle’s friend”. He’ll probably leave you, in fact he might run away. Why? Because once you acknowledge something, it stops. Fear is always teaching you about love.  Always.  For example, you don’t want to jump off the diving board. Fear comes in, talks to you, “Well if you jump, you will look silly, remember the last time you did this, you slipped, just get down, you’ll fail.”  So now it looks like a choice point. Do you jump or not? So you jump. And you have overcome fear.  You woke up. You realized that none of it was true. That is love, waking up to realizing that none of it is true.  Truth has nothing to prove, or get approved.

Part 2 tomorrow….

  David Matthew Brown- Founder of Heartspirational, Dad, Speaker, and Blogger

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