The Revolution Is A Happening Around the World

There is a movement happening on this planet can you feel it?  It is happening here in Los Angeles, to New York, to Turkey, Canada, Europe, China, and Belgium. It is a revolution.  A revolution you say? Where? What? There are people who have decided because of circumstances, unhappiness, misery, struggle, pain that this conditioned way of living is no longer possible. There must be another way.  This way only takes one thing, you to decide. You don’t need assurance, books, teachers, politics, tradition, rituals, family, or even friends to convince you. The discovery must be made by you and you alone. Sure you will fight it tooth and nail, you will resist, push against it, but where can you go, it is happening now.  Right now.  Your senses will not help except to help you connect.  Bring your baggage, stuff, whatever you wish to bring with you, I can assure you, it will help, and then you will have to leave it.  You can’t fight it. Your in it.

So you ask, “David how can I join in? What must I do?”  Well doing is not the way in. Stopping what you are doing is a good way to enter.   Close your eyes and see the the contradictions for what they are, contradictions.  See the fight inward.  See where the root of all life exists.  Come join in. It is not happening out there, although we believe in out there and out there will finally bring you in here. So cut the chase and come on in.  There is only acceptance here. Sorry there is no room for pride, fame, celebrity, because in here we are all equal. There is no judgement although you will be convinced there is a judge.  Be rest assured in your new found discovery that there isn’t. There actually is nothing going on. But it needs to be discovered by you. You are here to know yourself. That is true education, not reading the books, spiritual texts, bible, newspaper, schools, although they serve their purpose, this education is real and actual. It is happening now across the planet.  Don’t believe me, see for yourself. Come on.  Be a rebel with a cause.  Your cause is to be, to BE-CAUSE.

I can’t convince you of it. I mean I can, but you are a rebel. Rebels live outside and not inside the world. Look at Buddha, Jesus, and all the rest of them. The masters, the mystics, they lived outside the world view, and their message is still powerful. Your buildings crumble, your books are out dated, your history is manipulated, your politics deal with lies, greed, and they need you to be powerless.  I would like you to be in your power.  I desire you to look around and give up the fight with your brothers and sisters and stand as a unified group, a family.  The way to this revolution is inside. Help break the conditioned and conditions.  Stop listening to the world view and start hearing the view inside.

That view is inspiring, loving, forgiving, and serving. It is not powerless to others, to the world, to anything, it stands up for each other, and helps mother nature.  Are you going to keep fighting in the same way, and resisting, or will you STAND FOR PEACE and LOVE, after you finally go inside and see what that actually means. Stop falling prey to the fight, resistance, and delusion of the world.  STAND TALL AND SERVE.

This is the call, you are being called my brothers and sisters.  STAND FOR INCLUSION, not EXCLUSION.  We are all here for a reason.  The conditioned only works when we are against each other.  Lets work together for the common good.  Please find out what I am saying, by getting still and listen.  Stop fighting the same fight, we have been doing that years, and it hasn’t worked.  The time of waking is NOW. Decide NOW to turn in.  Join the inner revolution.  We are a family.

Join us around the world.  Stopping looking out and blaming, complaining, about them, those, whoever they are. Who cares? Start being who you are.  Who are you? I want you to find out.  I want you to find out on your own, and discover that you are here to embrace your light.  Embrace it.

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  • Yeshua21.Com

    ["Jesus, and all the . . . masters, the mystics, they lived outside the world view, and their message is still powerful."]

    Our categories give us our world… The possibilities are seemingly endless and we can mix and match as much as we see fit! Such worldviews give form and structure to experience… Consciously or unconsciously, we define ourselves and others… Categories within categories… Cultures within cultures… Layers upon layers… Our name is legion for we are many… Each individual seems to have the option of constructing and defending a unique vision of the world. But . . . in this hall of mirrors, What is truth?

    It is unlikely that the answer to this question will be found by
    those who seek them in moralistic rhetoric, hermeneutical wrangling, or
    other conceptual gymnastics. But for those who have an ear for it,
    answers can be found in the “I Am” presence which transcends all social, cultural, and political categories.

    This is not just the thought that “I am”, but the aware Presence that is prior to thought–the profound sense of Being that is encountered in alert stillness, between each breath we breathe; and in deep silence, between each heartbeat… Indeed, this is the One who is with us always–the One who is given that we might have life and have it more abundantly…