The Secret About Light

I wrote a small, well received book called, “The Book Of Light: The Heart Opening”, and when the book came out, I had the wonderful opportunity of going on a PR tour on radio and TV. The book is only 66 pages, but that is enough. About 90% of the shows hosts apologized to me at the top of the show, “David forgive me.” I would respond curiously, “Why?”, then they would explain, “Well I am use to receiving 200 to 300 page books on spirituality, and so when I saw your book, I put aside because I thought, this is too small, but I learned don’t judge a book by its cover, this book should be on everyone’s book shelf, and those people who are searching right now on this planet should order this book right now. This is the new bible, explaining who we are and where we are headed.” Very kind, so below you will find the first 6 sentences of the book, my invitation to you is to contemplate these five sentences in meditation and allow them to open you up over the holidays. They are Truth, the Truth, and nothing more than the Truth itself.

1. There is only light. We are light. This is the truth,
foundation, and beginning of everything.
2. Light emanates from one source.
3. It has no division and so it cannot be divided.
4. The source of the light is immense. It is everywhere and in
all places at once.
5. There is no place the light is not.
6. So as Light, each is whole, perfect, complete, and constantly
radiating this fullness. This is reality. This is nature and

To order the book for the holidays and give yourself a gift, click the link: The Book Of Light: The Heart Opening

Endorsement of the book from spiritual writer Peter Canova: “I heard David Matthew Brown speak one day in a small church in Burbank. I understand he devotes significant time to doing this. He is a fine inspirational speaker and he exudes a genuine quality refreshing to behold. So, I wasn’t surprised to see the same attributes present in his writing.

The maxims about light in the first chapter grabbed me right off the bat. As an author myself and one who has done much research and contemplation on the information contained in both visible and spiritual light, I knew right away that Mr. Brown spoke from the heart with experience, not just from the head with concepts. But he goes further in describing metaphors about how best to convey our knowledge and stories of truth to others, an important topic, for realizations unshared never live up to their true potential.”

A great, accessible book of wisdom sayings to stimulate higher thought and feeling. You should really experience it!” Peter Canova

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