The Shepherd

The Shepherd
By David Matthew Brown

A young shepherd
Wandered the countryside with it’s sheep
He noticed off in the distance a wolf
He knew that there were a pack wolves around
He felt in his gut
A nervous feeling
He stopped his sheep
And stood in stillness
The young shepherd
Knew he must protect his sheep
From the wolves
But had only a staff
The nerves in his belly picked up as he saw
More wolves coming closer

The sheep were innocent, vulnerable
The shepherd prayed,
“Thank you for giving me the courage
to stand here and protect my sheep. I will not waver
I will not be moved by their growls, yet I feel scared-
There are so many, I do not know what to do
But stand in front of them. Father I know you are
Here, so I ask for help. For I feel helpless”
And so the young boy stood still
Listening to the wind
Listening to the growls as the wolves approached
He knew his word mattered and would be answered
Yet how? He did not know…
And so he looked at one of the wolves
“Brother wolf, this our land too, I know you are hungry,
But these sheep, they are mine, and I need them safe.
What can we do to pass by without harm?”
The young boy was realizing that humility is strength and
Sometimes you must bow to wolf and make peace with it
Before you can proceed-
Then off in the distance the wolves heard a noise and ran off
And chased it.
The boy took a breath,
and said, “Thank you Father”

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