For Your YIMC Friday Night at the Movies

It’s the Friday before a long weekend here in the U.S.A. which means it’s time for me to break out a Friday night movie.  Remember those movies I was posting during Lent? I had a great time doing them. I hope you enjoyed them too.
When I went to Mass during lunch today, they had posters up for a viewing of this in the Parish hall on June 16th. Confession time again (never ending for me it seems!), I ‘ve never, ever seen this movie. And from what I hear, that is my loss. Eight Academy Awards?! Dude, what rock have you been living under?
Here is another neat thing about this movie: it’s in black & white.  Did I tell you my children are on vacation from school now? Well they like nothing better than when Dad brings home old, black & white movies that I then force them to watch with me.  Wailing and knashing of teeth, whining, braying, etc. They can’t believe it’s not in color. It’s like the after effects of taking candy away from a baby.
That is, until the credits stop and the singing starts.  And then they are mesmerized and enjoying it.  I can’t wait to drop this one on them tonight. Check out the trailer,
YouTube Preview Image
And who hasn’t heard this famous tune? I mean, with the exception of my children (soon to be remedied).

YouTube Preview Image

Um, er, of course, I had no idea that this is where the song was made famous.  But now I do! So head to your library, or favorite video store and rent this movie and enjoy it with me and my family.  Happy Friday!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Frank,Next time you want to “punish” my grandchildren with a history lesson on the evolution of the movie industry, I’ll let you borrow my Charlie Chaplin DVDs showing his comedies from the silent-film era. (Don’t get smart with me … you KNOW that was before my time!)Love you, Mom

  • Frank

    OK, The first words out of my oldest’s mouth was "is it over ten years old?" (read with an exasperated tone LOL). I promptly reminded him that Star Wars is 33 years young. My daughter gave me the Thousand Yard Stare. My youngest’s eyes grew wide when he heard "black & white." All got a lecture during supper about movies, Thomas Edison, etc. Now all our enjoying the movie, eating popcorn, and digging Father O'Malley's straw hat! :D