Because Nice Girls Kill Vampires

Some folks wonder if we are Facebooking ourselves to death. I say no. The reason? Because unrelated Friend “A” posts a great photograph like the one you see above. Silly me shares it on my wall, and even over there in the ghost town of Google+.

Then unrelated Friend “B” posts ingenius video made by someone who took idea from neat photograph above, and with God gifted creativity gives us this brilliant short film that explains the title to this post.

YouTube Preview Image

See? Nice girls kill vampires. They don’t date them. Looks like I’ll be exposing my kids to Buffy the Vampire Slayer this long weekend. I loved the original movie. Remember?

YouTube Preview Image

And trust me…I’ve already thanked Friend “A” and Friend “B”.


  • JC

    There’s also this

    • Frank Weathers


  • JP

    I absolutely love the series, but some of the material may not be suitable for younger children. There is a lot of material in season six that is quite adult. Also, Buffy does love one and possibly two vampires.

    • Frank Weathers

      Not in the original movie, she doesn’t. ;)

      • Ryan Haber

        Even if she loves a vampire, the basic dynamic is correct. Vampires are symbols of Satan, bloodsuckers that doom their victims to a permanent undeath; they are in the original imagination the perfect opposite to Jesus, the bloodgiver who offers eternal and glorious life.

        • Frank Weathers

          Even the vampire character Blade (Wesley Snipes) knows that vampires aren’t to be, um…date mates. Thus he does what Buffy does, and pretty well, as I recall. ;)

  • Brandy Miller

    And one thing about the Buffy series – it talks about the fact that vampires are demons hiding in a human shell, demons that can’t love or want good for you. If you recall, it was the curse that allowed Angel to have his human emotions back and that when the curse was broken he was a pretty nasty character.