This Video Needs More Bacon (Because Catholics Can Laugh)

The folks at Bad Lip Reading are expanding their repertoire. Probably a smart move, because political ads come and go as the election cycle ebbs and flows. Turning to music videos then, we find that nothing is safe from their lip reading genius.

Here’s my third day of Christmas present to YIMCatholic readers. That Should Be Me, the way Flatts & Beiber never imagined.

YouTube Preview Image

It’s fitting that singing phenom Justine Bieber is presented here, yes? But Flatts definitely needs more bacon.

How about the Black Eyed Peas, with a startling pop version of the book I read to every one of my children: Everybody Poops!

YouTube Preview Image

The world looks different from the lens of the Bad Lip Reading folks. Thank God.

Update: the Crescat found bacon!