A Quick Primer on Politics, Circa 1936

As Decision 2012 looms before us, and as we are asked by all the candidates to please check our brains at the door, I’m happy to share a video that serves both as a wake-up call, as well as to the fact that there is, as my friend Qoheleth said many moons ago, nothing new under the sun.

This is important to remember if you happen to plan on watching the Republican debate in New Hampshire tonight.

Because party politics is the thing, right? The most important thing. That, and “money, money, money, who do you trust?!,” which was what the Joker said in Batman, if I recall. You know, right before he gassed everyone.

Yippee! Is it just me, or does my head hurt? Or maybe just my stomach from laughing too hard.

Meanwhile in the pre-debate news, Hugh Hewitt tweets the following: Rick Santorum on Iran: They are at war with our country right now..playing war games in the straits!

Oh please. Last time I checked, the U.S. Navy was rescuing Iranians from the clutches of Somali pirates. That speaks volumes about the Iranian military threat, yes? As sabers are a rattlin’ again, call to mind what that entails. Maybe a poem will help.

Because soldiers and artists should be friends.

  • michelle

    I don’t think our navy rescuing Iranians from pirates speaks volume to anything other than we care about human life. The middle east doesn’t give the same respect to life and therefore I didn’t expect that the Iranian government gave much concern or consideration to ever try to get their own people away from pirates – whether they could or not.