Soldiers and Artist’s Should Be Friends?

Of course they should. Because oftentimes, they are the same people. My civilian brother, Max Lindenman, elaborates.

Here’s my brief take on the subject. Many Marines I have known over the years have been great artists, and I mean across the entire spectrum too. This idea that you are only “one thing,” and that thing being a stereotype of what you happen to be doing for a living, is a fallacy. In fact, since it stems from some version of the truth, it is a heresy. A heresy that doesn’t factor in the full spectrum of the human being’s experience, but instead attempts to pigeon hole folks as mere widgets.

Here’s a museum specializing in just this type of art and artist. Which is where Maurice Costello’s art (showcased above) can be found.

  • Tim powers

    Frank…..just wanted to say thanks for you and this blog. I rarely have time to comment but I truly enjoy your posts. As a veteran of 21 years….this one hits home in many ways. God Bless.

    • Frank Weathers

      Tim: Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. Happy New Year to you and yours.