If You Sign the Petition on the HHS Mandate…

You’ll be joining a long line of patriots who have not knuckled under to bullies and oppressors. Like the guys from Delta House, remember? I’ll let Otter, in his impassioned speech before the Pan-Hellenic Bushwah Court of Incompetents, remind us of what is at stake here.

Because the kangaroo council of Dean Wormer, prosecuted by the nefarious Neidermeyer, thinks they have us over a barrel, after Hoovers initial weak-kneed, ingratiating, pleas.

Hey, where are those guys heading? *Road trip!, road trip!*

But first, they’ll head to the White House petition website, Dean Wormer, and his minions, be damned! And then they’ll divide up and head to libraries and local bookstores and pickup copies of Solzhenitsyn’s We Never Make Mistakes, and Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. That and a couple of cases of Budweiser and a bottle of Rock and Rye, and they’ll be in business.

UPDATE: Caeser is about to give me a seizure, ya’ll: Military Chaplains Told to Read Archbishop’s Letter From Pulpit Were Asked Not to By an Administration Official.

  • Kathy B.

    I got on and signed the petition last night. There were already well over 15,000 signatures then!