NARAL Wants to Make this A Petition Race? UPDATED

Evidently. You see, not content with convincing the Administration into drafting a program that will strip religious organizations of their conscience protections, NARAL, and their allies, have launched their own petition too. Last night, when I first sighted it on my scope, it had 290 signatures.

Thanks to all the great folks like you, who have signed and shared the petition asking for the Administration to rescind the HHS mandate, we are well out of range of any SAM missiles, though. Plus, our ship is pretty fast herself. The acceleration numbers on their petition are formidible, though. Last night at 23:00, when I first sighted them on the IFF (Identification, Friend or Foe), it had, as I mentioned, only 290 signatures. By 20:00(EST) today, it has 7,429. That’s cookin’, any way you slice it. Ol’ Goliath done jumped up to chase after David.

As for the Freedom of Conscience, @20:00, she has 22,364 signatures, and she’s almost home. And truthfully, I had planned on parking it at the International Space Station. But, and this is a big “but,” if ya’ll are up to a little horse race with NARAL and her vast hordes of friends, allies, and followers, I’m game to keep flying this thing for you too. You see, after the 25K goal has been met, the rest is just gravy. But if it’s bragging rights they want, then why not wake your friends and phone the neighbors, and let’s get the Camptown Races going?

First across the line wins, and the turtle started 9 days back and steady eddy-like she’ll cross the line soon. And after the goal is met, folks can keep signing the petitions, see? So how about a challenge, readers? We boast about all the fine, peace and life-loving folks that make it out for the March for Life every January 22nd, right? Well how about making sure that they all show up at the White House petition website, huh? Because if they do, between us and the competition, we might just melt all the White House servers, set records, and create a few jobs in their IT Department. Sounds like a win-win.

What do you say folks? Do we race for the cause, or park it after 25K? Let me know in the commbox below.

But, be warned, I’ll expect 100% of your support, gang. I’ll expect you to turn over every stone and get folks to their computers and smart phones to sign the petition. And I won’t truck with any whining about folks being “afraid to set up an account at the White House” because folks are scared of Seizure, I mean Caesar. I ain’t got time for any nonsense like that. Saavy? The competition obviously isn’t a afraid of nothing like that. Of course, they’re on Seizure’s side, and probably are getting help from Twitter.bots and other high cost gadgets that I don’t have.

Anyhow, think it over, pray about it, and let me know that you’ll promise to put the pedal to the metal, and keep it there, and I’ll stay on. Sign here, if you’re a new join! And share this post with your contacts, if you support this new wrinkle. Or share the short link:

“The LORD says to you: Do not fear or be dismayed at the sight of this vast multitude, for the battle is not yours but God’s.” —2 Chronicles 20:31

UPDATE: Laura Ingraham plugs the petition, and asks folks to write Congress. Go forth, and do likewise.

UPDATE II: Mark Shea reminds us not to get uncorked. Maintain an even strain, folks.

UPDATE III:MAX-Q, I say again, MAX-Q 25,000 signatures @ 15:59(EST), 2/07/2012. Thanks for the ride Houston, she’s a great one! And like the fellow below says,

“Friends, forget your weariness! Ride now, ride! We must come to the Stone of Erech ere this day passes.’”-Aragorn

Amen. Can do.

UPDATE: Seabiscuit beats War Admiral by a couple of furlongs!

  • Michael Dahmke

    I say keep it running. We need to reach as many people and get them active in the cause as possible. Getting an email back from the White House, will be an encouragement, demonstrating that that their voice does matter on this issue.

  • Mary M.

    This is not a game. I think it is best to keep focused and to think about other possible options available to get our voices heard. If the Obama administration does not back down and the courts rule to uphold the mandate, what is our next move?

    • Frank Weathers

      The petition is not a plebescite. This rule will be decided in the Supreme Court, after all. Besides, not even 10% of the March for Life attendees even know about our petition. So go tell them about it. =D

      • Mary M.

        My point is that it doesn’t matter how many people sign the NARAL petition because those folks most likely would vote for Obama anyway. Your petition is more worrisome for the Obama Administration even if it concludes at 25,000.

        • Anthony S. Layne

          By the Rasmussen numbers, any one of the three candidates can give Obama a good race; and the longer this issue builds up steam, the more Catholics (who gave him the last election) get peeled away from the swing. He’s not an 800-pound gorilla!

          BTW, Cap’n, St. Gianna Physicians Society also has a petition going … not on the WH website but on their own server. Let’s sign it and give ‘em both barrels!

  • Stacy Trasancos

    Anything and everything that we do to stand up for our rights and the rights of the defenseless is worthwhile. NARAL does neither. Thank you Frank. Great work.

  • Alan Aversa

    Support Respect for Rights of Conscience Act

    • Frank Weathers

      And write your Congressional Representatives there. ^

  • Carole

    It creeps me out a little that I have to have an account to do it which requires me to give them information about me. But it creeps me out even more that for some reason, the box that says to fill out the form below doesn’t actually show a form. Is it being manipulated? I’m a US citizen but living across the pond.

  • Faith Roberts

    Frank, congratulations! I think you are one cool guy. If you are ever in Northern Va come on over for dinner. Bring the wife and kids. My husband will grill up some steaks! I so appreciate your gesture here. You are a light on a hill!

  • Eric Cooney

    As of 4:08 US Central Time:

    Rescind the HHS Dept. Mandate petition holds 25,244 signatures!

  • Tim
    • Frank Weathers

      Noted, and signed. Thanks.

      • Tim

        Bravo Zulu… oh wait, that’s your line.

  • m.w.r.

    I am signing petition to keep the rules on contraception coverage. Already 28 states do not allow comprehensive employee health insurance coverage to exclude contraceptives. Please do not impose your religious beliefs and prohibitions on those non-Catholics who work for Catholic hospitals . Like most Catholic women, I believe contraceptives have helped me avoid unwanted pregnancy and prevented many women from choosing abortion. Regardless of the Bishops stance, employee health insurance allows families , both Catholic and non Catholic to have contraceptives …if they choose to use them… without a copay and helps all of us stretch our dollars in this tough economy.

    • Frank Weathers

      m.w.r, thnaks for your comment. Try as they might to frame this act as one about freedom for use for contraceptives, and “womens health, the fact of the matter is it is an act that is contrary to our God given freedoms, which happen to be codified in the Bill of Right in the U.S. Constitution. That many violate the Church’s teaching is beside the point.

  • Jane Hartman

    I’ve tried to sign the petition and I hope I have. The White House application is difficult to understand – The petition as I saw it on your site was not on the White House’s site. I’m praying and am very worried.

  • Kml

    #27,064 right here. : )

    • Frank Weathers