Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex and More Sex

Catholic style, which is to say, naturally. The Anchoress has a little link filled primer for those who still believe the celibate priests and nuns of the Catholic Church have no idea what they are talking about on this issue.

Most of the links are posts by the laity, you know; the types whom NPR can never seem to find when they are interviewing folks who are leaving mass. Like Joe Six-Pack.

  • susan

    I am tired of hearing the stories about women whose lives were “changed for the better” because of birth control and their “cost savings” because they didn’t have to shell out money for an abortion. What about those of us who regret the choice of using birth control because it changed the way we viewed our gift of sexuality or how it closed us off to blessings from God.

    • Frank Weathers

      Good point, Susan. The media and the Administration keep playing the one note song that pregnancy is a disease, and that chemically/barrier induced birth ‘control” is fool proof. It’s a lie.

      • Anna

        I can’t believe you are against birth control. It’s not denying a “Gift from God” it’s stopping 15 year olds from getting knocked up and ruining all chance of them having a successful future. And don’t think abstinence is the answer, because not everyone will wait. It’s important to teach teenagers to use protection during sex so they don’t have children before their ready. You probably think if they’re having sex they should accept the responsibility, well at 15 or 17 no one is ready to have a kid. It’s unfair to a child to be raised by a teenage mom. It’s better if teens or anyone having sex is using protection( until they’re ready to raise a child). Also using a condom protects against STDs. And millions of people die from STDs every year. I know you probably won’t agree with me, however I feel you should at least take these into consideration. It’s fine if you don’t aprove of protection, but people should be allowed to make that decision for themselves.

        • Frank Weathers

          To call for a government policy which assists the poor or promotes peace is laudable, but it does not take much personal sacrifice or effort. Controlling our sexual impulses and desires, however, affects us deeply and in the most personal way. It asks us to resist our temptations—through prayer, confession, modesty, custody of the eyes, and prudence—every single day. Many find this simply too much, an intolerable burden on their earthly desires, and react by protesting the Church’s “obsession” with “pelvic issues.” And so they turn away, like the young rich man unable to follow Christ.

  • Manny

    Well, the title of this blog was too titilating to not check it out. ;)

  • drea916

    Then why are 15 year old’s still getting knocked up?! The percentage of unplanned pregnancies hasn’t changed!