Mr. President? A Trifecta of Anti-HHS Mandate Videos for the Situation Room

Not so fast, Mr. President. In fact, it appears that you have awoken a sleeping giant. For your viewing pleasure, sir, I present these three excellent videos that express to you, and your Administration, the opinions of the (heretofore) Silent Majority.  I’ve arranged them in order of the number of views they have received on YouTube to date.

First up, this one from The Kid (Marc Barnes). 2303 views, and climbing…

Next is one that was e-mailed to me from Branden Stanley of an outfit called Starlight Media Productions. Footage is taken from the rally held in Indianapolis and has 1,304 views to date. It has further to go. Much further.

Last, but not least, a new one that Deacon Greg Kandra shares from Blackstone Films. Only a 141 views so far, but its a runner.

And as a special bonus, Mr. President, did you happen to see this video of Gloria Purvis that I posted when it had 305 views? It’s now up to 25,715 views. Can you say VIRAL? (Thanks for sharing it, ya’ll. Huzzah!)

Hopefully, you are getting lots of feedback from the public during the comment period for the HHS Mandate too, which expires in mid June, I understand. Hey, that may just coincide with the Supreme Courts’ ruling on the entire Affordable Care Act. Hmmm…are Rolaids covered?

psst...not a real ad. 😉
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