The Truth About the HHS Mandate in 2 Minutes

Thanks to the good folks over at Americans United for Life. What? You expected the truth from Americans United for Death? Heh!

Make it go viral, por favor. You’ll be doing a corporal work of mercy.

H/T the Anchoress.

  • DB

    I tried explaining this to a bunch of liberals in a facebook group I belong to. Needless to say, it was my voice vs. about two dozen pro-aborts. At the end of the three hours (no exaggeration!) I was totally drained and felt like I’d been beaten up. There was no getting through to them; one person was sincerely trying to understand my point but every time she’d say she saw my point, the others would pounce on her and she’d back off. Anyway, one of the arguments they kept returning to was they didn’t support the Iraq war, yet they had to pay for it via taxes, this is no different. I admit I wasn’t good at diffusing that argument, though I know it isn’t the same thing. What can I say to people who bring that up?

    • Frank Weathers

      Note that there is the option to personally be a Conscientious Objector individually in terms of military service. See the Selective Service System website for the criteria. The HHS Mandate offers no remedy like the C.O. status outlined for the Church, despite the fact that the practices are considered gravely sinful by the Church. therein lies the problem.

  • Faith Roberts

    I think the difference is that this is the government forcing a private institution to privately purchase something that goes against their religion. That’s different from paying taxes, something that goes to the government to be spent on many things, some of which we may personally approve of and some we may not. Here the government is defining what is and isn’t religious enough to have an exemption (problem number 1) and then demanding that the organization that isn’t religious enough for purposes of the exemption buy insurance that is guaranteed to provide something is in direct conflict with the religion’s beliefs. This is an illegal prohibition on the free exercise of that religion. It is not prohibiting contraception or doing anything to women’s ‘reproductive rights.’ People are free to work at another organization, purchase additional insurance, or pay out their own money for contraceptives. No one has a constitutional right to contraceptives. We do have a constitutional right to free exercise of religion.