Spambots Love Me, This I Know

I received the  following comment on the post, A Letter to the President That Explains His Drop in the Polls, A Film, and A Song. I have no idea why. A random act of weirdness that has become commonplace of late.

Hi this is an actually intricate website that you place details on. The strange is that I assume there is a lot additional spam than you comprehend. Possibly you know that currently yet merely in situation you didn’t presently you perform. I subscribed to the remarks due to the fact that I wish to below your useful details because I take it heart and also live by your phrase.

YouTube Preview Image

In memory of this message, and all like them, I’ve composed a wee ditty.

Spambots love me, this I know.

For they always tell me so.

Little posts to them belong.

They are sleek

But ring the gong.

Yes, Spambots love me.

Yes, Spambots love me.

Yes, Spambots love me,

‘Cause they always tell me so.

Unrequited love is so painful.

  • anitalounurse

    you are killing me here…lmbo! :)

    • Frank Weathers

      I fell outta my chair with that spambot’s comment. ;)

  • David Naas

    Your spambot appears to be related to, if not in fact the same, as the one which weekly offers me untold riches, left to me by a Coman catholick Priest in Niger who had no family, But Fortune in gold bonds is myne upon sending my Post Office Account Number to Doctor Elais Ashmole of the Lagos bandk of Nigeria.

    • Frank Weathers

      Your’s uses much better syntax. I could actually follow it…