Six Former Ambassadors to the Vatican Co-Chair “Catholics for Romney”

So that means at least seven of us will be voting for him. Their names are,

Frank Shakespeare (U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See 1986-1989)

Tom Melady (U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See 1989-1993)

Ray Flynn (U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See 1993-1997)

Jim Nicholson (U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See 2001-2005)

Francis Rooney (U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See 2005-2008)

Mary Ann Glendon (U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See 2008-2009)

They drafted a little manifesto explaining why,

We are all called to advance the moral teachings of Christianity in the life of our country. Where the stakes are highest – in the defense of life, liberty, and human dignity – we have a duty to act that is greater and more urgent than allegiance to any political party.

In the election of 2012, this conviction has united all of us – each a former ambassador of the United States to the Holy See – in support of Governor Mitt Romney’s candidacy for president. Whatever issues might dominate the presidential campaign from now until November, our concerns lie with fundamental rights, beginning with religious liberty.

While the current administration has brought our first freedom under direct assault by imposing government mandates that completely disregard religious conscience, Governor Romney believes that freedom to live one’s faith is essential to liberty and human fulfillment. And he has pledged himself to removing those federal mandates immediately.

While the current administration has now put its weight on the side of those who propose to redefine the meaning of marriage itself, Governor Romney has stood firm in defending this sacred institution. In the White House, just as he did in the Massachusetts State House, he will defend the institution of marriage before the Congress, the courts, and the country.

Where the current administration has shown its sympathy for the pro-abortion lobby, Mitt Romney will be a faithful defender of life in all its seasons. And he understands the special duty of people of faith to serve in this cause. As Governor Romney recently said, “From the beginning, this nation trusted in God, not man. Religious liberty is the first freedom in our Constitution. And whether the cause is justice for the persecuted, compassion for the needy and the sick, or mercy for the child waiting to be born, there is no greater force for good in the nation than Christian conscience in action.”

These are the words of a man we believe can be a great force for good in this nation. We are Democrats, Independents, and Republicans, but on this question we are united in faith and in action. We urge our fellow Catholics, and indeed all people of good will, to join with us in this full-hearted effort to elect Governor Mitt Romney as the next President of the United States.

I already explained why I’m joining them, before I even knew about their cause. It’s basically the same reason I drafted that petition way back when, in an appeal to all freedom loving people. And then there’s the math.

But I’m not going to be a tool for Romney, and bore you to death with nonstop posts about why I’m supporting him. I’ve explained enough reasons why already. I’m not expecting him to be a messiah or any such nonsense. I just have more faith in his not attempting to destroy the Faith than I do in the other guy. Because actions speak louder than words, and the actions of the present Administration have been as loud as clashing gongs, resounding cymbals, and air-raid sirens.

Enough already.

  • Elizabeth K.

    Well put, Frank. And isn’t there a great deal to be said for not believing a candidate is the Messiah? I’ll be voting for him too, for all of the reasons they’ve articulated. Enough already, indeed.

  • Faith

    Me too. Just got my Romney bumpersticker!

  • ds

    Ugh. Frank, the feeling I get reading this column and these comments makes me put a variation on your blog title: Why Am I Catholic?

    • Frank Weathers

      Have no fear, ds. Surely there are a thousand more reasons why you are Catholic that you can think of. :)

  • Tom C

    Before he was ambassador to the Holy See, Ray Flynn was the (D) Mayor of Boston for many years. He has an excellent ad out endorsing Scott Brown for Senator over the amazingly crazy liberal Elizabeth Warren. God help us to send Obama and Warren back to nice quiet professorships at Harvard.

  • Doug Thornton

    I’ve always had trust issues with Mr. Romney. He is capable of speaking with such conviction certitude, and confidence but when you see something like this you become deflated:

    I would have never thought that the Republicans would nominate a guy with as whacked out a version of Christianity as Obama’s Chicago church, but they did. I honestly think Romney’s religious beliefs are the more heretical from a Catholic perspective. And certainly more deeply held, as Romney acually served as a stake president which is equivalent to being a bishop.

    Oh well…..was vehemently opposed to Obama in ‘O8, but since the world remains on its axis I guess it really doesn’t matter too much who wins.

    I’ll just keep waiting for a candidate with an actual Catholic paradigm. No compelling need to bother with those two creeps.

    Your friend,

    P.S. I appreciated the link to Chaput’s Napa Institute adddress. Great, great man, and when he gets his red hat he will become very papabile. I’d vote for him. Tired of alway having to vote against someone.