Obama and the Crass Roots Campaign

I thought the above was over the top. And then I saw this.

Our President approves of the following message…

YouTube Preview Image

Makes me sad for Malia and Natasha.

I’m not completely surprised though. Twenty-five days ago, I noted that the politics  of the orgasm is rising to the fore. The video above reminds me of the pledge I penned,

 I pledge allegiance to the Orgasm,

of the disordered states of America.

And to the Pleasure, for which it stands,

many Orientations, over god, non-judgmentally,

with libertinism, and contraceptives, for All.

Weird-O-Rama for Obama.

Frank, it’s just a double entendre, you yokel!

YouTube Preview Image

Or is  the President really so out of touch that he would consciously approve of such a commercial? Kind of a tacit droits du seigneur approach to the electorate?


Vladamir Putin dug it though. He led the way back in February and even broke out the gypsy fortune teller…

Hmmm. Standing by for the flexibility after the election, eh Vladimir?

As Mark Shea would say, how can you possibly vote for these guys? And as Deacon Greg puts it, it’s a Great Moment in Democracy.

  • Steven Jeffries

    Hey, Frank. I couldn’t agree with you more regarding Obama. He has managed to smile, joke, and skate around his record almost completely. Yet, half of the voters still want him as our President. Honestly, he has only showed me that he is “anybody’s dog” who will hunt with him!

    With respect to your policy of being polite here, I won’t enumerate all of the reasons I don’t support Mr. Obama. I am not sure Romney has all the answers, but I’ve seen enough to think our current President has no answers at all…

    BTW, one national news network has already said regardless of who may win the popular vote, the President already has enough of the delegate votes necessary to gain re-election! Can you believe that?

  • http://www.bede.org Stefanie

    I’ve never seen so many ‘jump the shark’ and really obscene ads than I have in this voting season. and I live in California so the only way I know about the ads is when other-source media put them on their blogs and news outlets.
    How very interesting, the Russian connection. Gee, “to Russia with love” indeed.
    My outrage has nothing to do with being ‘for’ or ‘against’ a candidate — everyone should be allowed to express their preference without free of reprisal. My outrage is that the message is delivered via crass immoral themes in violent (Samuel L. Jackson video) or sexual language I would not allow in my home. Socially, I seem to hang out with more young folks than those in my age group, yet they have always been respectful to me and have re-calibrated their salty language in my presence and the presence of my children. It is possible to get your point across (pro/con) candidate or issue without resorting to potty or trashy mouth.
    It doesn’t take much creativity to be a potty-or-trash mouth.

    • http://www.bede.org Stefanie

      “fear of reprisal” — not “free of reprisal” :)

  • Tim in Cleveland

    I hope that poster is a photoshop… does Obama really want to challenge Bridezilla? Bridezilla wins every time (and she doesn’t forget… trust me, I know).

    • Frank Weathers

      Not a photoshop, brother. When The Obama 2012 Event Registry first came out, that was the photograph.

      • Tim in Cleveland

        Well then, I think Obama will need our prayers. Hell hath no fury like a bride one-upped.