Because Takashi Nagai Said Stuff Like This…

It’s just another reason to throw a few bucks towards helping bringing the story of his life to film in All That Remains.

“All of us will have to render an account of our lives when we die. God will not be interested in who or what we were. No, only in this: how did we live? That will be the sole matter for judgment. A company director won’t be able to pull rank on a waiter, and a fisherman’s wife will be on a par with a millionaire’s wife. Ships’ officers will receive no preference over ships’ cooks. All will be judged by exactly the same measure: did we use our talents well and for his glory?”

—Takashi Nagai

From the book “A Song for Nagasaki,” which you can find here:

Help me make the movie over yonder ==>>.

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