A Batman & Robin Christmas Present for YIMCatholic Readers…

Image credit: Catholic Memes

Sorry I didn’t get your present out on Christmas Day, but it’s still Christmas, so who’s counting? Besides, what does a blogger give to the good folks who take a few minutes out of their day to stop by and see what’s cookin’ at Frank’s place?

Well, how about I give you gratitude, and a warm word of thanks?

And I’ll give you something that may make you smile like…all the cameo appearances on the Batman & Robin TV show from their classic Batclimbing gag.

While watching this clip, my entire childhood flashes before my eyes. Santa Claus even shows up! Roll tape.

YouTube Preview Image

I’m off to go read some Duns Scotus now. Joyeux Noël, and peace be with you always. :)