Support Hobby Lobby. Here’s How. UPDATED

There’s nothing better than waking up on a Sunday, eating a breakfast of pancakes and bacon, drinking a tall cup of hot coffee, and deciding to join a doomed, quixotic, movement to fight tyranny. Yes, and doing so right before heading to Mass, no less, so intentions for its success can be offered up.

Care to join me? Here’s all you have to do: buy something, anything at all, from Hobby Lobby on January 5th. Why that day? I don’t know. A friend of a friend picked that day is all I need to know. Learn all about it over at the Facebook page, Standing With Hobby Lobby.

Need more reasons? Read Kevin O’Brien’s blog post from earlier this morning. Here’s a taste to get you started,

Liberty is More Than a Hobby

Breitbart has a thrilling story about the Christian couple who run Hobby Lobby, and their plans for civil disobedience in the face of Obama’s unjust HHS Mandate.

At great financial risk to themselves and their company, the Green family will refuse to fund drugs that cause abortion, mandated as part of Obamacare. This may ruin them and destroy their life’s work, costing them a potential $1.3 million per day in fines – but it is the right thing to do, indeed the heroic thing to do – whether you’re a Christian or a member of any Faith – or even an atheist.

Indeed, the first comment on the Bretibart site reads …

I am an agnostic and I stand with the Green family. They are fighting for what they believe in, and they are fighting for all of our rights. I fully support them in this.

Fellow Christians – including Catholics, Protestants, Eastern Orthodox – fellow believers, including Muslims, Jews, and others – and brother atheists and agnostics – we must support Hobby Lobby fully and completely in this.

Beginning January 1, when this act of tyranny (the HHS Mandate) kicks in, and when Hobby Lobby pushes back, this is what we need to do. Go to Hobby Lobby. Buy stuff. I don’t even know what they sell. I don’t have any hobbies. Our house doesn’t even have a lobby. But I will go there and buy stuff.

For the Green Family are on the front lines of the New Martyrdom. The article on them quotes St. Peter in the book of Acts …

When the apostles were ordered [by the "court" of their day] not to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with anyone, the Book of Acts records: “Peter and the other apostles replied: ‘We must obey God rather than men! The God of our fathers raised Jesus from the dead—whom you had killed by hanging him on a tree.’”

… which is also the way Peter himself died, for standing up for the Lord – a glorious death.

My friends, let us make the support of Chick-Fil-A look puny by comparison. Support Hobby Lobby. If they only sell pencils for people whose hobby is pencils, buy a pencil a week, a pencil a day. And then throw yourselves in front of their doors if Sonia Sotomayor forces them to pay for the killing of innocent children.

Go read the rest.

Join the Facebook page and share the idea with your friends. Many would say this,

YouTube Preview Image

But last time I checked, the Sith Lord had a change of heart when a host of gutty folks decided to stand up to him and his boss. Go, and do likewise.


Rebecca Hamilton suggests,  Send a Letter to the Green Family.

No location near you? No problem. The internet is here to help!

Another way to show support: Sign the White House petition!



  • mama of many nerdlings

    WE bought Christmas gifts at HobbY LObby . they sell all kind of things. gewgaws as well as paints, paper and canvas, frames and car, airplane models, model train sets and miniature town items for the railway. odd items like boomerangs and kites and small science kits of all kinds and decorative lamps and desks and end tables, odd sized stools and shelving. The store we went to is HUGE, a former grocery store so big I couldn’t comfortably go all around it with my husband since I was coming home after minor heart surgery and the effort was too much to see eveything he wanted to look at. He wanted to stop there before we went home since the store is some distance from our house. I had to go sit down and rest while he wandered around buying Christmas gifts for the nephews. we got some intersting and unusual gifts that were well received. I wished I had felt better because I wanted to be able to remember what all was there; I do a lot of crafts and painting and drawing. Good place to shop for supplies for such things. It is well organized, just a huge store.

    • Frank Weathers

      You’re way ahead of me. :)

  • Louise Broda

    I’ve shopped at Hobby Lobby since they had one store on 10th Street in Oklahoma City. Now there are 3 within a ten minute drive of my house. If you aren’t that fortunate, don’t forget you can shop online. And don’t forget their sister store, Mardel, which carries Christian books, music, and gifts, as well as homeschool supplies. The home facilities for the two companies have a square mile of real estate in the south part of town. They’ve worked hard, and they’ve given back. Kudos to the Greens for standing up to this tyranny.

    • Bonnie

      Great point – SHOP ONLINE if you don’t have a store close!
      LET’S SUPPORT THEM. As I type – I wonder – are the Green’s letting our ‘politicians’ know what WE the people really believe and want?

  • annie

    The ‘anti’ group is out in force at Hobby Lobby’s FB page. Most of their posts are vulgar, and need to be reported to FB. We must be doing something right to bring out that much venom. Let’s continue!

    • A. M.

      Kind of like the crowd that led Christ to Calvary, isn’t it? But then, the Lord said something about, “if the world hate you, remember that it hath hated me first.” (Or words to that effect.) That hatred toward the just, the good and the innocent will continue to be one of the greatest indicators of where those things exist, to the end of time.

  • A. M.

    My family is really, really bad off financially right now, but this is important, so I definitely plan on going. If we loose the right to live according to our conscience (or more importantly, according to the laws of the Divine King Who rules the whole universe) , then what do we have left? If a man gains the whole world, but looses his soul, it profits him nothing.

    This is paramount pretty much literally to financial martyrdom: giving up the life of a company in order not to betray Christ and His Law. I hope everyone tells everyone they can about this crusade to stand behind someone with the guts to be the first “big name” company (or am I wrong?) to be willing to suffer that financial martyrdom boldly for His sake!

    Putting the employees of 500 stores out of business sure doesn’t sound like a recipe for economic recovery to me, in any case!

  • Sparki

    I am supporting Hobby Lobby…I just wish they’d stop supporting China. About 99% of the stuff in the Hobby Lobby stores are made in China – bastion of human rights violations, forced abortion, religious persecution, etc. – and supporting Hobby Lobby for me means putting aside my goal to never buy anything made in China unless i have no other choice.

    • Anya

      They also sell cokes near the entrance. I share the “not buying from China” and wish more people did.

  • Anon

    For the non-crafty among us (like me!), one option is to buy art supplies or and craft kits and donate them to a children’s hospital or local school.

  • gwnlyn

    I love history and current events. But to deny workers the choice of having health insurance is hard to swallow. We have a business here which is owned and operated by men of the Jewish Faith. They offer insurance, benefits and Christian holidays off to their employees, which is in contrast to their beliefs. Yet they honor their employees. So, I guess God will decide this one.

    • Anya

      No one if forced to work at HL. People do so because they are good employers, frequently making the “best place for working Moms” lists. Also, there is nothing in Judaism that is violated by what you wrote. Nothing.

  • redblair

    Abortion inducing drugs are not health insurance. In no way does it make the person taking them, “Healthy.” Kudos to Hobby Lobby and the Green family for standing up for their beliefs and not compromising on something they feel is morally unacceptable.

  • LindaO

    “There’s nothing better than waking up on a Sunday, eating a breakfast of pancakes and bacon, drinking a tall cup of hot coffee, and deciding to join a doomed, quixotic, movement to fight tyranny.”

    Major correction: Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays – that’s why the Support Hobby Lobby Day is Jan 5, which is Saturday. I hope no one waits until Sunday morning to support Hobby Lobby!

    • Frank Weathers

      Actually, I was talking about my decision to support the effort, which took place on Sunday morning after breakfast.

  • Rita Miller

    What’s a girl to do when this company funds missions that target her Catholic faith? I will pray, contact my legislators, but I cannot support a company with funds that can be directed to anti-Catholic missions. Haven’t bought from them for years because of their missionary work.

  • Sarah

    I just made a purchase online. It wasn’t much but I wanted to show my support today! I also sent the Greens a letter of support the other day. Do something, folks, because this is only the beginning of the fight! Do not wait until it’s too late.

  • SusannaDanna

    I went to Hobby Lobby and realized almost everything is made in China. China, a country that mandates abortion and has known human rights violations. Or India, where rape is commonplace. So, as long as a it’s Christians in AMERICA that are supported, we should shop there? I think not. This is Christian hypocrisy at it’s finest. How can a company withhold healthcare because they don’t agree the pharmacueticals required, yet are perfectly okay with selling merchandise most likely made by children in a communist country that forces abortion? Disgusting. Hobby Lobby, you have lost me. The cheap knick-knacks and home decor you sell are not worth it.

    • Frank Weathers

      So your argument is that since Hobby Lobby provides products that you feel are offensive, and that do not come from a perfect world, then it is perfectly OK that our Federal Government, the only one that we have any say in attempting to mold, and correct (good luck on trying to fix China’s problems, citizen), should be allowed to continue its’ march to punish Hobby Lobby out of existence? A company that sources products from many nations of the world, including the United States?

      This does not compute. I would remind you that policy in questions binds us all, and not just Hobby Lobby.

      The company does provide healthcare, and even has it’s own network of clinics for employees. And it pays employees a living wage, despite the firms’ inability to control the entire world.

      The perfect company, free from all taint of sin, does not exist. That you demand Hobby Lobby to be perfect before the freedoms that are being denied to its owners, and halting the punishing fines that are being levied against it, is an odd way to approach this problem of freedom. Especially when the “problem” of the HHS Mandate could be remedied so easily (see 5th paragraph).

  • SusannaDanna

    No, what I think is that a company that doesn’t want to use a healthcare system because it doesn’t approve of one medication, that essentially works like birth control, that company is completely hypocritical to sell merchandise made in a country that has laws advocating for the very thing the pill does. Why not sell American made products? or Mexican made? or any other country that doesn’t enforce abortion. It doesn’t matter how you paint it. The reality is, the majority of products Hobby Lobby sells are in fact made in China, and it is known that China enforces the one child rule. I really do not understand how anyone can’t see this link. It wonderful that they have clinics, and insurance, and pay a decent wage, and etc, etc. But they still support an economy that is helping to economically destroy our nation, and is the opposite of the Christian views they stand for.

    • Frank Weathers

      I’m not the person to be defending the purchasing policies of Hobby Lobby. That said, they do stock and sell products made in the United States, Mexico, Spain, China, and probably many more countries. Here’s an example of a U.S. product, and more on the Silver Creek Leather Company.

      Forget the companies, whether Hobby Lobby, or Joe Six-Pack’s Liquors and Package Stores Inc. Bad law is the problem.

    • WTS/JAY

      SusannaDanna: Why not sell American made products? or Mexican made? or any other country that doesn’t enforce abortion.

      The countries you mentioned may not enforce abortion, but they still practice it, nonetheless; so technically, Hobby Lobby can still be criticized for compromising their religious convictions were they to do business with either Mexico or the US. Btw, there is no country on the planet that doesn’t practice abortion, so what is Hobby Lobby to do?