A Message From Your Captain. This Is Only A Test…Do Not Be Alarmed!

I might use this at some point in the future, so please make yourselves familiar with it. Upon hearing this klaxon, all  Red Shirts report to the Transporter Room, and await further instructions. Sound General Quarters!

YouTube Preview Image

In the event that you here this alarm, report to your battle stations, hold on to your seats (or work stations), and prepare to prevent yourselves from falling as shock waves from explosions rock the ship. Roll clip.

YouTube Preview Image

That is all.

  • http://caribbeancatholic.blogspot.com/ sean

    no way. I know what happens to red shirted enterprisers

    • http://patheos.com/blogs/yimcatholic Frank Weathers

      You better not be UA when Commander Scott calls muster, mister!