Ennio Morricone Never Won an Oscar Outright…

But he should have. Right, right, the Academy recognized him with an honorary Oscar in 2007 for “his magnificent and multifaceted contributions to the art of film music.”

But seriously? Though he was nominated five times, his most famous scores were never even considered for the award.

Like this iconic earworm, for example.

YouTube Preview Image


How about the orchestral version, with the master conducting?

YouTube Preview Image

Who will the Academy honor tonight with a Lifetime Achievement award? Let’s hope it’s someone as deserving as Ennio.

Click here for the nominations for tonights’ 85th Annual Academy Awards.

  • Bill

    Kubrick only won an Oscar for the visual effects on 2001. Hitchcock helmed Rebecca, which won BP, but he never won an Oscar

    • Frank Weathers

      True. Hitchcock was robbed! ;)

  • Dan

    Many fine composers were often overlooked or rarely nominated. One thinks immediately of one of the greatest of them all, Bernard Herrmann, who did receive the award in 1941 but never thereafter. Artists like William Alwyn, Mario Nascimbene, Angelo Lavagnino, Jerome Moross, etc. were often ignored. In the area of special effects the cinema’s doyen of that craft, Ray Harryhausen, never received an Oscar (othe than an Honorary one after he had retired).

    But really, considering the kinds of junk being made in the last 50 years and being given Oscars I would say that being nominated in today’s movie climate would be an insult.

  • http://www.bede.org Stefanie

    Ennio! What music!!!! My kids and I are HUGE fans. One year, they did his music for their high school marching band competition show– goose bumps! (but then I’m prejudiced)

    OUAT in the W is my all-time favorite western score. TGTBTU is a close second :)