Pope Francis’s Homily Today at St. Anne’s is Simply Beautiful UPDATED

Pope Francis is a great extemporaneous speaker. Here is the homily that he delivered today. Deacon Greg gives us a taste, but below is the “must see” video. 

The readings can be found easily enough, as the story is the one that I shared back when Robert Downey Jr. asked us to forgive Mel Gibson. The question of stoning the harlot caught in the act of adultery.

 YouTube Preview Image

Yesterday, I said we were blessed by the Holy Spirit with the selection of this man as our shepherd. Today I’ll say what I should have said then. Stony hearts cannot listen to Pope Francis, and not be softened. I know this, because he makes my heart melt.

Somehow I believe this same effect is why St. Francis of Assisi was able to meet the Sultan, and walk away with his life intact.


Allison Salerno shares a clip of Pope Francis greeting the faithful: If You Watch Nothing Else Today, Please Watch This

  • Olivia Sexton

    My heart and soul are deeply touched. God is giving us and His church another chance.
    Praise God

  • Richard Terranova

    Whom of us could pass judgement but we do everyday and we forget our own faults and sins, we ask forgiveness and grace to sin no more but yet fall again. And we get tired of asking forgiveness what a beautiful message do not grow tired God loves us and forgives always thank you Pope Francis

  • http://www.mycatholicblog.com/ Erin Pascal

    I absolutely agree that Pope Francis has the ability to soften even the toughest of hearts. He uses very simple words and yet he can connect with with our heart and soul. The beautiful message that he delivered in his Homily at St. Anne was definitely one of the best that I have ever heard. Thank you for sharing this!