Separated at Birth? Jonathan Pryce and Pope Francis…

Twin brothers? They look like they could be. :)

  • john

    My thoughts exactly :) I was watching the tv and I kept thinking that somehow I’ve already seen his face before.

  • Stephen Shroyer

    Blessed Pope Francis 1… fill our hearts with joy……..

  • Winefred

    My immediate thought was Alec Guinness, but Pryce is a good match too.

  • Will M.

    Check out Pius XII, I see a lot of resemblance there too.

  • Tomas

    In these pics taken when the Pope rode the Buenos Aires subway, they look identical:

  • cassie

    I thought Pope Benedict looks a lot like Robert Blake….lol

  • Ondergard

    I thought Il Papa looks more like Arthur Askey in a frock.

  • Rosemarie


    Looking at him yesterday, I thought he resembles John XXIII. My husband then said he looks like a cross between John XXIII and Pius XII. I think my husband is right.

  • Bill M.

    To depart a little, I always thought Mother Teresa and Jacques Cousteau could have passed for brother and sister.

  • Robert King
  • Edward La Guardia

    Thank goodness I’m not the only one…I have thought the same thing for months!!