A Brandy G.K Chesterton Would Approve Of…

Who knew?

I think so. I mean, look at the name on the label. Lepanto? As in the Battle of Lepanto?


Lepanto is named to commemorate the 16th century naval battle where Spain defeated the Ottoman fleet. Lepanto is victorious as well in the battle of premium brandies. The refined taste and rich character of Lepanto selections match the rich and colorful history of their Spanish homeland.

Founded in 1835 by Manuel Maria González Angel, this firm has steadily grown in importance and prestige for over 150 years, producing some of Spain’s finest sherries and brandies. The Solera of Lepanto Brandy de Jerez was established in 1896. Today, Lepanto is the only existing Solera Gran Reserva produced from Palomino grapes in three different styles—Lepanto, Lepanto OV and Lepanto PX—all aged for a minimum of fifteen years in the Solera system.

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Chesterton wrote a great poem about this particular battle.

The brandy was pretty easy for me to find, too. I just strolled into my favorite local liquor store, went to the brandy section,  and voilà!

Sure, you never knew Spanish brandy was a thing. Neither did I. But I can tell you that Lepanto is pretty smooth.

I don’t doubt that Chesterton would enjoy a snifter of it after dinner, with a cigar.


Of course I would!

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