Bad Catholic Wants To Bring Steubenville Into Town

Ever heard of a college town where the kids stayed on the campus and avoid the town? I hadn’t, until today. Evidently, that’s the way things have been shaking at Franciscan University for a while. I guess that’s just the way things are. Sigh.

Sigh? Are you freakin’ kidding me?!

Enter Marc Barnes and his classmates. They have an idea (probably inspired by beers and Blessed JPII, or vice-versa) to help revitalize the downtown area where FUS is located. How? By providing a restored venue for musical acts “down the hill” from the school. He and his team need a little help, though. Roll clip!

A college town where the students stay up on campus, and don’t go into town? What is wrong with that picture?!  I’m trying to think what my experience at UCLA would have been like without being able to enjoy Westwood. Hmmmm. Nope. Can’t.


The kids at FUS, and the city of Steubenville, need this project to succeed. Do them a solid and help them out. Head over to Marc’s place to get more in-depth information on The Harmonium Project, and see how much work has been done to date. Also, go like their page on Facebook. And one more thing…

Share their campaign with reckless abandon!

  • dombett

    To say that the students never venture off campus is a bit of a stretch, at least when I was there. And I do support what Marc is doing but it’s not the first time students have endeavored to do something like this in downtown Steubenville. What usually happens is that they graduate, stick around a few years, and then have to move on because they want to start a family and have a career.

    That said, it’s a good thing they’re doing. After all, St. Francis began his work of evangelization by rebuilding a chapel.

  • Beverly Stevens

    Regina Magazine on Facebook is sharing this far and wide. We would also like to do a story on this in 2014. Can someone connected with this project contact me at You can see our recent story on Steubenville here: