Major Changes For the Browns, Mark Trammell Quartet

Major Changes For the Browns, Mark Trammell Quartet July 9, 2012

The Browns family announced on Facebook today that Jessica and her husband Nick will be leaving the group. The couple has a new baby, Tessa, and Jessica is coming off the road to be at home with her. At the same time, Nick Trammell is replacing Dustin Sweatman as lead singer in the Mark Trammell Quartet. Dustin will be accepting a position as Renaissance Program Director of Choirs at Bethel University. It sounds like an offer he couldn’t turn down, and we wish both him and Nick all the best! This is very exciting news for fans of the Mark Trammell Quartet. Sweatman is an excellent singer, but the new father/son dynamic created by Mark and Nick in the same group can only improve the group’s blend and chemistry. Furthermore, the official announcement reveals that the group will be adding a full-time traveling pianist after NQC (where they will debut their new recording).

Some might argue that with Nick coming on board, and with Eric Phillips having returned to take up the tenor position, the lineup of this group as it now stands could not possibly be improved. Would you agree? Oh yes, and any thoughts as to who the new pianist might be?

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  • coomercove

    I’d like to see Channing Eleton or Tim Parton back with a quartet. I also wouldn’t mind Steve Hurst coming back to the group.

  • Tim

    Stewart V

  • Great thoughts! Tim would be ideal, but I think he’s really happy with his job out west. Channing would be more likely.

  • That was my first thought, especially with Pat Barker being another DE connection….

  • Andrew S.

    ‘Tis an interesting idea to have Matthew Holt join as the pianist. I’m surprised no one has caught the Bethel University connection between him and Dustin Sweatman. That would be an excellent idea for sure– sad for the Perrys, though.

  • Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Matthew hasn’t been working with the Perrys for a while now.

  • quartet-man

    “Someone correct me if I’m wrong”:
    Okay, The Cathedrals with Funderburk and Trammell trumps the version with Haase and Fowler (which I like too), David Phelps is one of the best tenors ever, Michael English is a great lead singer, the current Gaither Vocal Band combo is better than the previous one (although they were good in a different way). should I go on? 😉

  • Andrew S.

    Matthew is the Perrys’ part-time pianist since Bryan Elliott left after the 2010 NQC. He has been working with the Perrys — appearing quite a bit over the last year or so.

  • Ah, thank you. I think I was confusing him in my mind with Bryan.
    I think Holt would be fantastic! Superb talent.

  • Ha! 🙂 Interestingly, we warmed to David a bit more after seeing him live in concert. My mom in particular turned to me later and said, “Okay, now I get it.” I still think he will never be as great as he could be until he disciplines himself more, but he has a great natural gift.

  • quartet-man

    I’ve been looking forward to your response. :p

  • You’re a day-brightener. Truly. 🙂

  • i’mright

    Interesting idea indeed, but Matthew won’t be the new MTQ pianist. He’s staying at Bethel, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be another group’s new pianist though…

  • Bill Graffin

    Andrew Ishee has been out of So Go for a while .An excellent pianist and entertainer.

  • Debra

    Is anyone familiar with Andrew Lapp? He’s a phenomenal young concert pianist from Florida. We hear him when visiting Florida in the winter time. It seems like there are several gospel groups looking for new pianists right now, and lots of good pianists out there too.