Monday Morning Humor: Seven Lies About Homeschoolers

Monday Morning Humor: Seven Lies About Homeschoolers October 1, 2012

This is good stuff:

"Thanks for proving Lily's point. What color is the sky in your bubble-verse?"

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  • Finally! I was waiting for you to do one of Blimey Cow’s Messy Mondays videos. Since they do one every Monday I thought it was the perfect thing for your Monday Morning Humor posts. =)

  • Sorry, I only just discovered them the other day (ironically, on the very same Stuff Christians Like thread where I encountered that disgusting horde of liberals—God truly does work all things to the good).

  • Well, it’s a good thing you found their most popular video. 🙂
    If you haven’t you should really see these as well:
    And today’s was good too:
    Haha I just love them. 😀

  • MARK

    I know and have many homeschool friends and there is some truth to almost all the 7 lies mentioned. Sorry

  • Mark, I’m not sure why you feel a need to keep commenting on this blog since you’ve made it clear in the past that all you want to do is snipe and snark. Now I allow more leeway than other bloggers might, but I just don’t have time to deal with someone like you. So if you want to keep commenting, bag the snark. Otherwise I’m gonna have to bag you.

  • They’re pretty clever. A little on the snarky side sometimes (see the “Christians Never Mess Up” video or the one making fun of Tim Tebow fans), but funny. Even in the “You might be a homeschooler” videos, there are a few things in there like “If your parents skipped over all the parts in classic Disney movies where there was an evil witch” (implying all homeschoolers would actually do something that weird) or “If the Creator of the universe cares about football” (implying that you’re weird if you really like Tim Tebow) or “If you weren’t allowed to watch movies that talked about evolution…” (implying that you’re kind of outdated and over-hyper if you think evolution is all wet). I know it’s satire, but I can kind of see where they’re going.

  • Note: Mark came back with another snarky comment and has herewith been bagged. I apologize for any disturbance he has caused.

  • Yeah, sometimes the videos are a little snarky or over the top. But he often is funny and sometimes hits on truth. Watch his video on short-term missions trips. It explains my families concerns with them absolutely brilliantly. And yet while some of the quotes from the “you might be a homeschooler…” video are over the top, some are just hilarious and so true. My personal favorite is, “Your family votes Republican but watches PBS religiously.” So true!!

  • Homeschooledlegacy5fan:
    Judging from your photo, you must have been at L5’s first Creation museum concert. I attended that one as well. Were you at the latest one with Matt Fouch?

  • I haven’t seen that one yet. Maybe I should. 🙂
    In my family’s case, we don’t have television, so the statement is moot. 😀

  • “The One about Missions.” It’s classic!

  • Hmmmmm. I feel culturally isolated watching it, I guess, since I never went to a church with a youth group or missions trips. I see the point they’re making, and it does make sense. (Side note: Language is just a little bit edgier than I prefer—e.g. “screwed” and “freaking.”)

  • You are blessed. It seems like most churches have mission trips these days. I have only actually been in one where there were mission trips. It was at that church that my family’s opinion of mission trips really solidified. The church had a missionary come speak and the topic he picked was short-term missions and why they are not great. Ironically, the church was prepping to go on a mission trip that month. One main point that he brought up was that these trips tend to wreak havoc for missionaries and leave them with a mess to clean up. When these modernized kids with their ipods, ipads, and cool, trendy clothing show up in these depressed areas, they tend to leave the kids there feeling discontent and desiring worldliness.
    I am so sorry about the language. I did not realize it was in there since I haven’t actually watched the video in a couple of months. I just remembered that I really agreed with his point.
    Just curious, you said that you have never been to a church with a youth group. My family is very family-integrated minded, so we prefer to be at a church without those things as well. Are you at a church without a youth group for that reason, or is it just that the church has never had one?

  • That’s very interesting. I imagine missionaries on the ground would find that discontentment difficult to deal with.
    It’s actually not even an evangelical church. It’s a tiny Anglican church, so tiny it falls under the radar of mainstream (and more liberal) Anglicanism. We worship very quietly and traditionally, with a 1940 Anglican hymnal and the 1923 Book of Common Prayer. There’s one priest, three acolytes, one vestry, one organist and about 10-15 regular members (with ours the only family). That’s it. Oh yes, and of course the 10-15 regular members is counting the vestry members. 🙂

  • No, I was not at the latest L5 concert at the Creation Museum. But, I’m wondering, how could you tell that my photo was taken at the first concert, and not the second one?

  • Scott’s suit is different from the one he wore at the second concert. I have pictures of him from both, so it was easy to tell the difference. 🙂

  • Tee-hee! Groupie much? 😛

  • All of it so true! I am so bothered by some of my own friends who sneak in little comments about not knowing anything about the real world. My OWN friends, sometimes family too. Love your vids!!