The Twelve Essential Tracks of Christmas, Day 4: Matthew Ward's "What Child Is This"

The Twelve Essential Tracks of Christmas, Day 4: Matthew Ward's "What Child Is This" December 27, 2013

Note: I’ve noticed views are down for this series, possibly because it’s Christmas but possibly because readers might understandably feel like all they need is to find the song for themselves somewhere else. However, I’m going to be providing commentary and extra tidbits on some of these tracks, so pay attention! In particular, I’ll tease you with a promise of some performance analysis by Terry Franklin. On which day? You’ll have to wait and see.
When I first discovered that Matthew Ward had done this song, I did a happy dance. Truly, it’s difficult to do a bad version of such a great carol, but Ward does have a habit of putting lesser singers in the shade. 50-some at the time of this recording, his voice amazingly hasn’t aged a day. No further introduction is needed. Enjoy…

Matthew Ward’s “What Child is This”
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  • Marcia

    Ah, Matthew Ward! Just recently thought of him and wondered whatever happened to him–his rock stuff is unbelievable. And yes, perhaps like many of your other readers, I took a total computer vacation through the holidays and am just now catching up. So glad you decided to do your song list, as I haven’t yet gotten my fill of Christmas music.

  • Hmmmm, funny because I was figuring that nobody was interested in listening to Christmas music after December 25th and that’s why there was so little interest. I was considering returning to regular programming tomorrow instead of doing the “here’s what didn’t make the cut” wrap-up as planned. But you may be right. 🙂