Volf, Islam, and a Jesus-Centered Take on Wheaton Professor Hawkins

Yesterday, Yale theologian (and one of my theological leading lights) Miroslav Volf responded to the recent suspension of Professor Larycia Hawkins by Wheaton College. Hawkins wore a hijab to stand in solidarity with innocent Muslims who are increasingly targeted by harsh rhetoric and even violence because of jihadist terrorism.But that's not why Hawkins was suspended.She was suspended for saying that she, an evangelical Christian, and Muslims "worship the same God."Volf has, of … [Read more...]

Best Reads of 2015: Redeeming Sex…From Harmful Evangelical Categories

One of the best books I read this year was Redeeming Sex by my friend Debra Hirsch - which may as well have added the subtitle From Harmful Evangelical Categories, because that's exactly what the book accomplishes. It's important to note from the outset that Deb's book is written from within and, to some degree, to the evangelical community. In other words, there are biblical and theological assumptions and commitments that Deb brings to this work that other writers and thinkers may not be … [Read more...]

Introducing Faithfindings

During 2015, I didn't do very much blogging here at Patheos. In fact, I quit for a little while, and then came back with an attempt at a new direction that just didn't take.It was a bit of a disorienting year, and the last couple months were especially disorienting. But disorientation can be good. Because it is often precisely the thing that clears out old perspectives to make way for fresh vision. And that fresh vision is coming, slow and steady. In fact, it has taken the form of a l … [Read more...]

What I Mean By “New Charismatics”

As I relaunch this blog as Faithfindings, I want to designate a space here for posts by and about the New Charismatics.But who are the New Charismatics, you ask?I wrote this piece for Onfaith a few months ago that gives at least a summary glance at what I mean by the term. It's not a formal category (you know, like Southern Baptist or Episcopalian), but it is descriptive of a stream, a movement of sorts, that a growing number of us identify with. And no matter what you call it, there are … [Read more...]

Some Jesus-Centered Voices on Paris: Bruxy, Volf, Merritt, and Smith

I've been hesitant to weigh in, significantly at least, on the Paris attacks and the events that have followed - including the inevitable military counterpunch from France in the form of airstrikes on Syria, and the news of U.S. governors refusing Syrian refugees because of perceived security risks. But I've heard a few voices (amidst the online din) that have stood out for their clarity and Jesus-centeredness, and I wanted to share them here.The day after the attacks, Bruxy Cavey offered … [Read more...]

Goldilocks Theology and God’s Power – Thomas Oord

This is a guess post by Thomas Jay Oord - be sure to check out his new book, The Uncontrolling Love of God.The story of Goldilocks and the three bears can help us think well about God’s power.Some theologians in Christian history have thought divine power means that God controls everything. They like to use the phrase, “God is sovereign.” Paul Kjoss Helseth, a contemporary advocate of the view, calls the view “divine omnicausality,” because God alone causes, preserves, and governs all thi … [Read more...]

Josh Feuerstein (Starbucks Red Cup Watchdog) Appears on CNN and It’s Hilarious

Some American cultural moments are just too good not to share. By now we all know the whole Starbucks red cup fiasco is an insane Internet meme fueled by fear-mongering fundamentalists, but seeing Josh Feuerstein, the guy who made the video that has gone multi-viral, on CNN somehow makes it all worthwhile.It's hilarious, especially the big Obama-bashing finish. Unbelievable: … [Read more...]

WATCH: Rob Bell Talks About Taking Back the Word “Evangelical”

"I say we take the word back...I'm an evangelical. And I believe in good news for everybody."Gosh, Rob. I am IN.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wc7wEfL6aSI … [Read more...]

Sorting out the Bible | Sarah Bessey Brings a Good Word on Jesus-Centered Faith

How Jesus changes the way I read Scripture Forgot to share this one a couple weeks ago - I absolutely LOVE how Sarah is expressing the impact of Jesus-centered interpretation on her faith. Especially her view of Scripture.Amazing quote here: Jesus reveals the Scriptures to us. How we read the whole of Scripture must be informed by the person of Jesus Christ because God is exactly like Jesus. The entire Bible—the whole story arc—must be read and understood through the Cross and the Res … [Read more...]

Neo-Calvinism, the Nonelect, and Planned Parenthood: a Grand Kind of Farce

Last week I made a statement on Twitter about neo-Calvinists' passion for defunding Planned Parenthood. Namely, I said it's a little suspicious:https://twitter.com/zhoag/status/658810253035884544For the purposes of this rather short post, my reasoning is simple: Neo-Calvinists (rightly) believe that God is the essence of perfect justice and holiness. But they also (wrongly) believe that it is perfectly just and holy for God to arbitrarily select a tiny minority of humanity for eternal … [Read more...]