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C. Michael Patton

C Michael Patton is the president of Reclaiming the Mind/Credo House Ministries (, a ministry of theological development for lay-people. He graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary and was on pastoral staff at Stonebriar Community Church for six years with Chuck Swindoll. He blogs at Parchment and Pen ( Michael is also responsible for the development of the Credo House of Theology (, a theological coffee house, museum, and bookstore. Michael currently lives in Oklahoma with his wife and four children.

Works by C. Michael Patton
When Ministers Mimic Each Other
C. Michael Patton | February 08, 2011
You are not someone else -- and that is fully intentional....
"The Holy Spirit Changed My Lesson at the Last Minute"
C. Michael Patton | January 12, 2011
Pastors who change their sermons at the last moment, and claim the Spirit's imprimatur......
The Church Must Do More Than Preach
C. Michael Patton | January 04, 2011
We prefer that people receive our sermons quietly and passively. But there should be a......
How Excellence Can Kill Passion
C. Michael Patton | December 24, 2010
Is your concern for excellence getting in the way of the work that God has called you to......
The Theology of Building a Pastoral Staff
C. Michael Patton | December 15, 2010
Pastoral staffs that include unity of belief in essential matters, and diversity in......
Cracked: Pastoring and Preaching from Weakness
C. Michael Patton | December 07, 2010
Pastors too often hide the cracks in their lives, when it is actually those cracks that......
Why Laypeople Should Baptize
C. Michael Patton | June 01, 2010
Protestants claim to believe in the priesthood of all believers. It's time to start......
Can Homosexuals Be Christians?
C. Michael Patton | May 03, 2010
All sinners can be Christians, and all Christians are sinners....
The 10 Commandments in Reverse
C. Michael Patton | March 03, 2010
We tend to view the Ten Commandments as a laundry list of things we should not do.......
The Reformation in a Nutshell
C. Michael Patton | December 10, 2009
Two issues -- authority and justification -- fundamentally divided the Protestants and......
Evangelicalism the Best Option
C. Michael Patton | September 04, 2009
What is right with Evangelicalism is more important than what is wrong with......
Go ye Therefore into the World Wide Web
C. Michael Patton | August 17, 2009
How One Teacher Expanded His Ministry through the Internet...
When God Takes What He Gave
C. Michael Patton | August 01, 2009
We should not ground our faith in experiences of divine provision. Because God gives -......
On the Certainty of Doubt
C. Michael Patton | July 24, 2009
Can a person who doubts God fundamentally be a true Christian? ...