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C. Michael Patton

C Michael Patton is the president of Reclaiming the Mind/Credo House Ministries (, a ministry of theological development for lay-people. He graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary and was on pastoral staff at Stonebriar Community Church for six years with Chuck Swindoll. He blogs at Parchment and Pen ( Michael is also responsible for the development of the Credo House of Theology (, a theological coffee house, museum, and bookstore. Michael currently lives in Oklahoma with his wife and four children.

Works by C. Michael Patton
When God Takes What He Gave
C. Michael Patton | August 01, 2009
We should not ground our faith in experiences of divine provision. Because God gives -......
The Theology of Building a Pastoral Staff
C. Michael Patton | December 15, 2010
Pastoral staffs that include unity of belief in essential matters, and diversity in......
Go ye Therefore into the World Wide Web
C. Michael Patton | August 17, 2009
How One Teacher Expanded His Ministry through the Internet...
On the Certainty of Doubt
C. Michael Patton | July 24, 2009
Can a person who doubts God fundamentally be a true Christian? ...
When Ministers Mimic Each Other
C. Michael Patton | February 08, 2011
You are not someone else -- and that is fully intentional....
Cracked: Pastoring and Preaching from Weakness
C. Michael Patton | December 07, 2010
Pastors too often hide the cracks in their lives, when it is actually those cracks that......
Why Laypeople Should Baptize
C. Michael Patton | June 01, 2010
Protestants claim to believe in the priesthood of all believers. It's time to start......
Evangelicalism the Best Option
C. Michael Patton | September 04, 2009
What is right with Evangelicalism is more important than what is wrong with......
The Church Must Do More Than Preach
C. Michael Patton | January 04, 2011
We prefer that people receive our sermons quietly and passively. But there should be a......
The 10 Commandments in Reverse
C. Michael Patton | March 03, 2010
We tend to view the Ten Commandments as a laundry list of things we should not do.......
Can Homosexuals Be Christians?
C. Michael Patton | May 03, 2010
All sinners can be Christians, and all Christians are sinners....
How Excellence Can Kill Passion
C. Michael Patton | December 24, 2010
Is your concern for excellence getting in the way of the work that God has called you to......
The Reformation in a Nutshell
C. Michael Patton | December 10, 2009
Two issues -- authority and justification -- fundamentally divided the Protestants and......
"The Holy Spirit Changed My Lesson at the Last Minute"
C. Michael Patton | January 12, 2011
Pastors who change their sermons at the last moment, and claim the Spirit's imprimatur......