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David Sessions

David Sessions is a 2008 graduate of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia, where he studied journalism and public policy. He began his journalism careerin Washington, D.C., at Slate, where he worked as a contributor until 2009. He moved to New York in 2008 to edit Patrol, an online magazine he founded to explore the intersection of religion, politics and culture.

From 2009 to 2010, he was a Washington reporter for Politics Daily, AOL's political news site. His writing has also appeared in New York, World, and the political blog The American Scene.

Sessions grew up in Fairfield, Texas, and how lives with his wife, Alisa Harris, in New York City.

Works by David Sessions
Born-Again Capitalism and Class Envy
David Sessions | September 22, 2011
Making the rich richer does not make everyone better off....
Rick Perry's Political Theology
David Sessions | August 08, 2011
The Texas governor may think his faith doesn't influence his politics, but his massive......
Obama's Lonely Road to Peace
David Sessions | May 25, 2011
A high-profile spat between Obama and Netanyahu proved once again the need for......
The Creation Crusade
David Sessions | April 27, 2011
Christian law-makers use a double-standard when they advocate the teaching of......
The Merit Myth
David Sessions | April 05, 2011
Conservatives brandish the illusion of American meritocracy against the progressive......
Tripping on Libya
David Sessions | March 23, 2011
Do we finally have an issue everyone admits is too complicated to break down into......
It's Time to Get Angry
David Sessions | March 09, 2011
I'm talking about bona fide moral outrage against the specific individuals and entities......
Planned Parenthood and the Stories We Tell Ourselves
David Sessions | February 25, 2011
It no longer matters if a story is true. If it can mislead enough people for long......