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Douglas Baker

Douglas Baker is a native of Louisiana and son of a World War II hero. Early in his life he was taught the power of ideas and the importance of Holy Scripture as the source of truth. His father made certain that he also knew about the history of the United States in a way that propelled a love for the study of history, theology and politics. His love of baseball eventually gave way to a passion for music and writing.

He is a graduate of Louisiana State University (B.A.), New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div.), and the Johns Hopkins University (M.A.). His thesis at Hopkins, Toward an Evangelical Public Theology: From St. Augustine to Carl F.H. Henry, was awarded highest honors by the university. He has served as Project Assistant and Press Secretary for the Louisiana State Education Commission, Special Assistant to former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee, Director of Corporate Relations for the United States Naval Academy Foundation, Executive Director of the Council on Public Affairs and Director of Public Relations for the Baptist General Convention of North Carolina, and Executive Editor of The Baptist Messenger. He now serves as Assistant to the Provost of Union University.

His work has appeared in Christianity Today and he founded The Messenger InSight, where he interviewed evangelical leaders in a monthly podcast. He and his family currently reside in Oklahoma City, OK.

Works by Douglas Baker
The Genius of "That Boy" Jindal
Douglas Baker | June 17, 2012
To understand the genius of Bobby Jindal, you need to understand the morass of Louisiana......
Marriage for Sale
Douglas Baker | May 24, 2012
It's time the church remembered the purpose of marriage....
Colson's Conversion -- Of Sorts
Douglas Baker | May 02, 2012
Chuck Colson was a marked man, but he wore his mark as mute testimony to the reach and......
Garrett Buechele: Baseball at Work
Douglas Baker | December 14, 2011
A rising star in the Major Leagues reminds us what we love about the sport of baseball....
Between Christ and Capitalism
Douglas Baker | December 01, 2011
When did we start believing that taxation and entitlements are the keys to the kingdom?...
We Need a New Reformation
Douglas Baker | October 31, 2011
Our deepest need now is another Reformation, sixteenth-century style....
A Religious Test in Reverse
Douglas Baker | October 17, 2011
Endorsing a candidate on theological grounds runs against the grain of the Founders'......
UnLocke the Church
Douglas Baker | October 04, 2011
John Locke's view of church and state predominates in America today -- and that may not......
Divorce: The Spite in Everything
Douglas Baker | September 12, 2011
Are Generation Xers letting go of marriage too easily?...
Downgrading Dominionism
Douglas Baker | August 31, 2011
Breathless reports on "dominionism" and a purported plot to rule a theocratic America......
Taxation, Morality, and Theft by Legal Means
Douglas Baker | August 17, 2011
The American republic depends on the stern virtues of honest labor, thrift, and......
Is the Government God's Handmaiden?
Douglas Baker | August 03, 2011
History warns of the dire consequences that follow when the kingdom of God is defined in......
The Theology of Social Security
Douglas Baker | July 19, 2011
When the American church helped usher in Social Security, it abdicated its......
Adultery Nation
Douglas Baker | July 05, 2011
Is America losing faith in marriage and marital fidelity?...
One SBC: Slightly Divided
Douglas Baker | June 20, 2011
Can the Southern Baptist Convention reach Blue Staters without fracturing along......
Border Crossings: The SBC of the 21st Century
Douglas Baker | June 07, 2011
A new generation of pastors is changing the culture of Southern Baptist churches and......