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Kaitlyn Curtin
Kaitlyn Curtin

Kaitlyn Dudley Curtin holds graduate degrees in Theology and in Education. She writes a monthly column on Patheos, “Strong Medicine: Scripts from the Doctors of the Church.” She keeps up a personal blog and recently contributed a chapter to Teresa Tomeo’s book "Listening for God." She and her school principal husband parent five lovely children in the upstate of South Carolina.

Works by Kaitlyn Curtin
Strong Medicine: An Inconvenient Truth-Teller
Kaitlyn Curtin | July 20, 2022
John Chrysostom had a gift for provocation. More than once, he goaded authorities into......
Strong Medicine: Doctor Francis de Sales
Kaitlyn Curtin | July 04, 2022
Strong Medicine Doctor Francis de Sales...
Three Theaters of Theology
Kaitlyn Curtin | May 25, 2022
Is there any drama like the drama of surgery? A skilled champion sweats; an agonized......
Two Prescriptions From Doctors of the Church
Kaitlyn Curtin | April 15, 2022
An irony: By officially designating some saints as doctors, the Church means to bring......
Strong Medicine: Dr. Gregory the Great
Kaitlyn Curtin | March 21, 2022
After serving his city energetically and admirably as prefect, Gregory turned his......
Distilled Spirits: Thomas Aquinas & Albertus Magnus
Kaitlyn Curtin | February 22, 2022
Let us distill our lives with the fire of the Holy Spirit in imitation of these great......
The New and Future Doctors of the Church
Kaitlyn Curtin | January 20, 2022
The official number of doctors has roughly doubled since 1870. Why elevate yet another......
Doctor of Desire: St. Teresa of Avila
Kaitlyn Curtin | December 21, 2021
We may think modern American spirituality lends itself to high-stakes deliberation, but......
St. John of Damascus is one of the most important figures in the history of Christian......
Practicing Without a License: St. Jerome
Kaitlyn Curtin | September 30, 2021
Jerome fought hard for unity in the truth, and he would be horrified by the modern......
Patron Saint of Operator Error: Augustine of Hippo
Kaitlyn Dudley Curtin | September 14, 2021
Kaitlyn Curtin elaborates on the doctrines of original sin and grace, using the......
Invisible Wounds: Dr. Catherine of Siena
Kaitlyn Dudley Curtin | June 23, 2021
Kaitlyn Curtin writes St. Catherine of Siena, one of the canonized doctors or saints of......