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Faith and the Web merge on local site
posted by: Dennis Dolan     Date last updated: 5/27/2009 11:25:15 AM

DENVER - A Colorado couple has launched a new Web site aimed at helping users more easily learn about the world's religions.


Patheos.com (pronounced PA-THE-OHS) is the brainchild of Leo Brunnick and his wife who saw there was a need for such an Internet destination.

"Sometimes we call the site the 'ESPN of religion,'" Brunnick said. "It covers a hundred of the world's traditions - where you can learn about them all in general, or dive deep to learn more about any particular one."

Brunnick told the 9NEW Morning Show learning about religion, any religion, can be very complicated and information intensive.

"So, we've set up a set of things called 'lenses,'" he said. "Some comparison lenses, for example, where if you're a mom trying to answer a question for your child, or someone that's dating someone from a different faith, or maybe you have a neighbor from a different faith, to be able to quickly go in and understand what they believe, and perhaps, how it compares to what you believe."

Brunnick said the site is presented in such a way that anyone can use it.

"Unlike some academic sites which can go real deep, but are hard to consume, or like maybe some popular sites that are a bit thin, Patheos combines the best of those. It's really solid, and yet it's for all of us who maybe aren't experts in religion, to be able to learn something quickly," he said.

Brunnick told 9NEWS the site is being very well received and thinks it's really going to be a big thing.

"There's a real hunger out there for understanding this complicated world and engaging in a new way about the conversation," he added. For more please visit:




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