Patheos Launches Patheos Labs

Patheos Launches Patheos Labs

Patheos is helping other brands leverage the power and scale of the web.

DENVER, CO, June 3, 2013 —, the world's premier online destination for global dialogue on religion and spirituality, today announced the formation and launch of its services arm, Patheos Labs. In partnership with Polymath Innovations, a cutting-edge web-design and services firm, Patheos is leveraging its success in building a large web presence to help other brands do the same.

"The formation of Patheos Labs is, in a sense, formalizing the work that we've been doing over the past year, as we've helped other people, and other organizations, build up their web presence," said Patheos CEO Leo Brunnick. "We've assembled such a world-class team of technology and media people around Patheos, that it has been natural for us to increasingly lend assistance to others trying to be as successful."

Patheos Labs, together with its partners, offers web design services, graphic design, website construction, social media strategies and services, search engine optimization, and web hosting services—together offering a one-stop service package for web initiatives of any size.

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About Patheos

Founded in 2008, is the premier online destination to engage in the global dialogue about religion and spirituality and to explore the world's beliefs. Featuring many of today's best writers and bloggers on religion, faith and spirituality, Patheos is designed to serve as a resource for people looking to learn more about different belief systems, as well as to engage with others of a similar faith, and to participate in productive, honest discussions on some of today's most discussed and debated topics.

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