Patheos Launches EBook Publishing Arm

Patheos Launches EBook Publishing Arm

Patheos Press Publishes and Markets the Best eBooks On Religion and Spirituality

DENVER —December 13, 2011—, the world's premier online destination for global dialogue on religion and spirituality, today announced the launch of Patheos Press, a publisher of original eBooks from the best writers and leading figures in the world of religion.

"Patheos is already home to many of the best and most popular bloggers and writers on matters of faith," said Leo Brunnick, Patheos CEO. "We launched Patheos Press to allow these and other writers to share longer-form projects with the millions of readers who visit Patheos each month."

The first titles published through Patheos Press include:

  1. Junia Is Not Alone, by Scot McKnight, a book about the forgotten women in the Bible.
  2. The Tebow Mystique, by Patton Dodd, an examination of the most polarizing figure in sports.
  3. Discovering Advent, by Mark D. Roberts, a reflection on enjoying the season of waiting in a world that can't wait for Christmas.

Inquiries about Patheos Press can be directed to patheospress (at)

About Patheos:

Founded in 2008, is the premier online destination to engage in the global dialogue about religion and spirituality and to explore the world's beliefs. Featuring many of today's best writers and bloggers on religion, faith and spirituality, Patheos is designed to serve as a resource for people looking to learn more about different belief systems, as well as to engage with others of a similar faith, and to participate in productive, honest discussions on some of today's most discussed and debated topics.

12/13/2011 5:00:00 AM