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Tom Sugimura
Tom Sugimura
Pastor and Author

Tom Sugimura is a pastor-writer, church planting coach, and professor of biblical counseling. He writes at, ministers the gospel at New Life Church, and hosts the Every Peoples Podcast. He and his wife cherish the moments as they raise their four kids in Southern California.

Works by Tom Sugimura
Say "No" to Sin
Tom Sugimura | September 30, 2022
Saying “No” to sin requires the motivation to resist just as much as the skills to do......
The Way Down is the Way Up
Tom Sugimura | September 19, 2022
Jesus did not become a man just so he could see what life was like on earth, but so that......
Say "No" to Self-Importance
Tom Sugimura | August 25, 2022
As Paul exhorted the Philippians, our shared identity in Christ forms the foundation of......
The Fear of the Lord is Beginning of Knowledge
Tom Sugimura | July 04, 2022
The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Knowledge...
Believer, Know Thyself
Tom Sugimura | June 03, 2022
Jesus said “No” to people-pleasing by breaking down barriers in order to serve. His......
Jesus Broke Down Barriers
Tom Sugimura | April 28, 2022
Jesus always said, "No," to people pleasing. He never played up the crowd or told them......
Say "No" to People Pleasing
Tom Sugimura | April 04, 2022
Why are we so bothered by what other people think or care so much about the opinions of......
Stop For Rest
Tom Sugimura | March 07, 2022
In Jesus, all the promises of God find their yes and amen. Yet followers of Jesus will......
Set Right Priorities
Tom Sugimura | November 29, 2021
One thing is necessary daily to help us set the right priorities and give better......
Stay in Your Lane
Tom Sugimura | October 22, 2021
Pastor Tom Sugimara offers 4 ways to maintain the right focus in a demanding world by......
Say No to Busyness
Tom Sugimura | September 23, 2021
The real problem of busyness is not how much stuff we have or how many responsibilities......
To the Post-Pandemic Pastor
Tom Sugimura | June 18, 2021
In an open letter to the post pandemic pastor, Tom Sugimura shares 8 achievable things......
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