UFOs: Aliens or Visitations by Self from Parallel Universes?

UFOs: Aliens or Visitations by Self from Parallel Universes? April 19, 2017

Are Aliens technologically advanced gray colored beings from another planet that have come back in UFOs to check on the progress of the undeveloped hairy Earthlings or are they us traveling back to us on the Time/Energy Continuum described by quantum physics? Do we have trouble connecting or communicating with them because they are above and beyond our five senses?


Are we paying inter-dimensional visits to ourselves to find the keys to our past much like Egyptian archaeologists searching for the answers to dead languages, and dead pharaohs with elongated skulls? And, how and why could (or would) a veterinarian and a real-estate developer become experts in the field of UFOs, aliens, and sightings?

This is the subject of discussion on the UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) Panel on the Kat Kanavos Show Internet TV posted here for your watching enjoyment.

The highly qualified panel guests are Dr. Irena Scott and Peter Canova.

pic Peter Canova

Peter Canova is the author of the 12 time award winning books Pope Annalisa currently being scouted as a TV series, and the recently released novel The Thirteenth Disciple about the true mystical origins of Christianity.

Pope Annalisa Bk cover

He is a Real-estate Developer of Country Clubs and 5 star hotels. His literary works are thrillers with a spiritual twist that embraces the sacred teachings of the Mystery schools during the time of Christ.

Dr. Irena Scott pic

Dr. Irena Scott is the author of UFOs Today: 70 Years of Lies, Misinformation and Government Cover-up, published by FLYING DISK PRESS.  Her publications include books, and works in scientific journals, magazines and newspapers. Dr. Scott’s UFO publications include numerous articles in the MUFON UFO Journal, the International UFO Reporter, and FATE magazine.

She has taken a scientific approach to UFO phenomena and published papers about UFO data in peer-reviewed scientific journals including the American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting Abstracts and in the Ohio Journal of Science.

UFO Irena McCammon front cover x 1

Dr. Scott received her PhD from the University Of Missouri College Of Veterinary Medicine in physiology, did post-doctoral research at Cornell University, and has been an Assistant Professor at St. Bonaventure University. Dr. Scott has publications from and has done research and teaching at The Ohio State University College of Medicine, the University of Missouri, the University of Nevada, and at Battelle Memorial Institute.

Poster UFO Panel

The really interesting dynamic between the panelists is their diametrically different approach to the origins and explanations concerning the phenomenon of UFOs and alien-beings.

What could these two approaches to UFOs—spiritual and scientific–possibly have in common? I asked this question of our guests and their answers were surprising similar. They are both still involved in their original professions but along the road of life their trees branched out into another area of expertise… UFOs… where they come from, why they are here, and who is flying them.

 First we will examine Peter Canova’s views.

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Peter relates that ancient spiritual texts from around the world coincided with psychically derived information from the Akashic records from people like Edgar Cayce and Rudolph Steiner. This information is based on the spiritual premise that everything derives from One Source, which is consciousness, a view increasingly supported by quantum physics,

Peter related that the projection of this consciousness into the earth plane came from higher energetic dimensions of consciousness in the form of soul intelligence pushing itself into increasingly dense physical forms. But these souls descended in waves, each starting off with amazing abilities, and each eventually losing those abilities as they sank deeper into materiality.

Skitterphoto Pixabay CC0 Public Domain

The later arriving soul forms would have appeared godlike to the first waves who had lost their connection to the realms of higher consciousness. Records of gods and flying machines appear in historical literature from around the world as well as psychic readings from the Akasha.

Peter theorizes that modern day sightings could come from dimensional time loops or, according to the holographic universe theory, they could be projections from the master dimensional hologram projected into or detected by our minds. So, the origin of UFOs could be from INNER rather than OUTER space.

Now, we will examine Dr. Scott’s scientific perspective.

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After graduating and pursuing a career in veterinary medicine the branches of Dr. Scott’s tree of life began to grow in a different direction when the Defense Intelligence Agency employed her in satellite photography research. This included work in its Air Order of Battle section, which involved aircraft identification with some of the highest security clearances in the government.

She is so diverse she was a correspondent for Popular Mechanics Magazine.

Dr. Scott also worked at what is now the DMA Aerospace Center as a cartographer mapping earth and celestial bodies using satellite photography. Her employer has sent her for her work related purposes to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. She was also a volunteer astronomer at the Ohio State University Radio Observatory, and has taken flying lessons.

Several organizations where she worked were those most heavily involved in UFO research. Dr. Scott served on the MUFON Board of Directors (1993 to 2000).  It is one of the oldest and largest civilian UFO-investigative organizations in the United States.

book-1659717_960_720 Gellinger Pixabay  Free CC0 Public Domain No Attribution Required

Dr. Scott has spoken to people involved in the Roswell incident who debunked the government’s denial stories. She shared the story of watching a taped 1947 video interview of a Deputy Sheriff in Roswell, New Mexico.

The Deputy Sheriff was on his way to pick up a prisoner when he received a call that there had been a crash involving an object about 100 feet in diameter.

And, there were bodies.

The Deputy Sheriff went to the crash-sight and witnessed a downed disk shaped craft like object and bodies being lifted by a crane and loaded into a truck. He said he thought the bodies were being removed this way to avoid any physical contamination. He had no other information because he was told to leave the site.

 I posed the question to Dr. Scott: “Have you ever seen an alien being?”

“No.” she answered. “Probably because they can change their appearance or shape. It is like a type of hypnotism.” This may explain why many abductees say they experience a loss-of-time and only remember seeing an owl or other animal looking at them from a bedpost or the middle of a road.

One of the abductees in Dr. Scott’s book is Betty Hill of New Hampshire. The incident came to be called the “Hill Abduction.” Both Betty Hill and her husband Barney stated they had been kidnapped for a short time by a UFO. It was the first widely publicized report of alien abduction.

Dr. Scott’s focus was on Betty’s blue dress worn during the abduction because it had pink spots on it where she said the aliens had touched her. Testing done on the pink spots did not reveal any new or different chemicals or DNA but they did contain explainable higher levels of protein.

During the interview we discuss details of some of the most interesting sightings Dr. Scott has investigated, some of which involved the 1973 UFO wave.

She also discusses “glass ceiling” legal limitations encountered as a woman.

businesswoman-453487__180 geralt Pixabay FREE No Attribution Required

Dr. Irena Scott and Peter Canova have agreed to do a second UFO panel at a future date and it is our intention to make it a four or five person panel sharing both aspects of UFO views touched upon in this interview.

Our guests left the audience with some final thoughts on which they both agreed- “Keep an open mind. Don’t believe anything without questioning everything, and look for the facts.”

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What do you think? Are we the aliens we are so intent on investigating or are we a studied species much like tagged bears followed by scientists and researchers? Or are aliens our galactic neighbors come to visit us in shiny new cars and buses that fly? And, are UFOs an unshakable part of earth’s history that goes all the way back to the time of Christ….and possibly beyond?

But, here are the ultimate questions- If we believe God made everything in the universe including the universe; did God create extra-terrestrials, too? Are they our neighbors? And, if the answer to those questions is yes, do they live by the same 10 commandments given to us by God like “thou shalt not kill” or Jeaus’ “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself”?

Share your thoughts in the comment bar.  We’d love to hear them.

Photo credit: all posters, guest photos and book covers are used by permission from the guests.

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About the Author: Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos is a three time cancer survivor whose guided dreams diagnosed her illness as seen on Dr. Oz, & NBC News, and detailed in her book Surviving Cancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing. She’s a Contributing author to Chicken Soup for the Soul, TV/Radio Host/Producer- Wicked Housewives On Cape Cod™, the Kat Kanavos Show, Internationally Syndicated Columnist, and Lecturer who promotes patient advocacy and Spiritual guidance.  www.KathleenOkeefeKanavos.com

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